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It is time to rise up! Why are we so scared?

I was reading the gospel of Matthew today and I stumbled upon the passage were Jesus instructs his disciples to go two by two to the neighboring villages and towns to spread the good news as it is stated,

"...he called to him his twelve disciples and gave them authority over unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal every disease and every infirmity." Matthew 10: 1
The two key words here are authority and heal.  So what does this mean in our current time?  It means that if one is a disciple of Christ then he/she does have the authority to heal.  If we take this passage at face value, it means that we are commanded by Christ to heal others.  Now there are many types of healing, mental, emotional, and physical.  But what happened to the last category. physical healing?  We have all fallen prey to the lie (including myself) that the power to physically heal is reserved for some special, elite class of super saint priests or religious, but not ourselves.  If we fall into this…

Hands Up!

There has been a spike in the violence in our neighborhoods
These assassins are dangerous, and fully loaded
Here is the last photo of one of the suspects!
If you know about the whereabouts of this person please contact the appropriate authorities

Don't Mess with Me

Bodyguard for hire!
If you need protection you have come to the right spot...
Our state of the art procedures are guaranteed to bring you peace of mind at the fraction of the cost!
Let me introduce to you...

"Hey you think you;re funny I'll show you funny"No adults were harmed during the taking of this picture

Marcello's Mischief: Chuck E Cheese 92 (Cont'd)

This post is a continuation of my previous post "Banned For Life:  Chuck E Cheese 92"

....After the second time I pushed Mr. Chuck E Cheese causing him to fall face first. Our noble hero/villain (Marcello) was also biding his time, waiting for the perfect strike.  Mr. Chuck E Cheese waved his finger at me in stunned disbelief, but while he was doing this our hero snuck behind him with a rag tag group of henchmen (which he recruited only minutes before) and proceeded to step on the tail...Mr. Chuck E Cheese turned around violently and snap! it was gone, no more tail, our plan was completed, we had won, our revenge was complete.  As we began running away I felt an arm grab me violently.  Much to my dismay it was the manager.  He thought that I was the one who ripped the tail off.  While this was happening our assailant hid in the ball cage, giggling, victorious.  I don't know why the manager thought that it was me.  Maybe it was my bulbous head, (seriously I had a humongo…

I was so wrong...A lesson on judgement

"Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgement you pronounce you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure you get." Matthew 7:1-2

Jesus issues a stern warning to about judging other people. Unfortunately I fall into this category, especially during these past two days. Let me explain

Yesterday there was a classmate of mine who upon entering our group began complaining to the professor about something. She was disrespectful to the professor, as the professor tried unsuccessfully to calm her down. She was eventually asked to step outside to talk with the professor. While she was outside I began my tirade about her, I complained out loud, "Who the hell she thinks she is, complaining about coming late to class, I drive over an hour each day, often times in traffic, what nerve!" When she came back I tried to ignore her, but her confrontation came up and she mentioned how she suffered from lupus and how each month she needed about 10 blood…

Banned for Life: Chuck E Cheese 92'

It was supposed to be a wonderful day. Me and my brothers were all looking forward to going to one of our favorite haunts, Chuck E Cheese. The reason why we were going there was to celebrate Diana's Birthday, Steve's sister. Once we arrived there everything seemed normal and we were all looking forward to hanging out and celebrating this milestone.

I don't know how it happened, but all I remember was that I was pissed off at Chuck e Cheese. I don't know why and what possessed me to cause that egregious act, but I finally did the deed...

I was annoyed at that stupid overgrown rodent, each time I turned around he kept snapping pictures of me. Worse off he kept tapping my shoulders,urging me to do some stupid dance acting like he was some sort of distant Italian cousin of mine. It felt like those times when I was a child when I always was forced kicking and screaming to do the chicken dance for the umpteenth time at some great uncle's party. I finally had enough and I…

Glory Days (My days at Seton Hall Prep)

"Alma Mater Sons Be Loyal,
Keep her name in purest light,
never waver from her precepts
guard her banner pure and white."

These were the ominous words that greeted me as I began my high school journey at Seton Hall Preparatory High School. The melody of this song was hypnotic and it reeked of some twisted version of the theme song of "Gilligan's Island" The song was contagious, the more you tried to get rid of it the more it lingered in your mind. Proof of this is the fact that at strange times I still sing this forsaken song. (showers, funerals, in the middle of stats class, or when stuck on an elevator)Like a twisted leit motif this song keeps coming in and out at the strangest times in my life, to remind me of my allegiance to the Seton Hall Pirate cult. I am a Pirate for life, Arg! Now regarding my actual high school experience...
I don't remember much (or am I deliberately trying to forget?) during my four years there. It was an all boys school, a sort of…

Cicero was one cool dude...(A Historical Lesson)

I recently read an titled "Cicero Superstar" written by Mary Ann Glendon in "First Things Magazine. It is a well written and researched article about the life of Cicero.

Marcus Tullius Cicero was a philosopher/ politician in Rome during the first century BC. It was a tumultuous time in the history of the Roman republic. Julius Caesar, Pompey, and Cassius, formed a triumvirate to consolidate their power. Cicero opposed all three of them because they wanted to subvert the power of the senate, the consuls, and tribunes. In short they wanted to end Rome's status as a republic. Cicero eventually payed a heavy political price when all of his property was seized and he had to flee to Greece. He summarizes his views about politics in his work,"De Republica",

"Of what value, pray is your human glory, which can barely last for a tiny part of a single year? If you wish to look will not put yourself at the mercy of the masses' gossip nor measur…

Renee Rewards 1

I am a newly wed, and I have decided that I love my wife. So bear with me if I feel the need to let you know why. I need to tell you one reason already...

I love Renee because each time I say "anyways" she corrects me and says that there is no "s". But I love her anyways!

The battle of the sexes: The protest of 88'

We were boys on a mission... I was 7, my cousin was 8, and my two brothers were 5 and 3. We were determined to free ourselves from the burdening, ever menacing, oppressive hand of our greatest nemesis...girls. I don't remember what was the offense, but somehow, somewhere, we were wronged and we needed to voice our anger...So I as the ring leader decided that we should strip ourselves naked, and to go to our front living room window. Each time a car or a person passed we began chanting, "No more girls, no more girls" and while we chanted we also did this twisted version of the chicken dance. Yes, there we were, the brazen, the courageous, the four us reclaiming our new found freedom, our new naked dignity.

A Sanitized Faith

You know what is a great fear of mine? It is having a sanitized faith. What do I mean by a sanitized faith? Having a faith that is not practiced outside the home. I feel convicted, especially after reading the gospel of Matthew. The passage that I read today focused on the beginnings of Jesus' ministry and how he went about healing and proclaiming the good news to the surrounding villages.

Later on in the next chapter Jesus calls his 12 disciples to do the same as he did previously as it is written,
"He called to him his twelve disciples and gave them authority over unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal every disease and infirmity." Matthew 10:1

Now the bad news...The challenge to the sanitized faith. Our society tends to have a compartmentalized version of Christianity, relegating it mostly to private practice, inside the safe confines of our homes. On a scholarly level our faith is also being constantly undermined, by the advent of the historical critical method.…

Perfection: The enemy of all creation

I am struggling. I am getting my ass kicked by my greatest arch nemesis, Perfection. Yes, perfection has me in its merciless grasp, sucking the creative life out of me. I try to write, but I can't, I try to speak, but I am silenced, I try to take the next right step, but I am thwarted. Every where I look, perfection is staring me right in the face, waiting to feast its fangs upon me. I am a prisoner, I am on death row, the minutes are ticking, ticking, ticking...the electric chair awaits me, I have been given my final meal, tick tock, tick tock, I think I see myself in the crowd. Yes perfection is staring me right in the face, so do I choose life, or do I choose death?

Perfection is probably my greatest fear. Each time I try to write or do anything, the mere notion of beginning it fills me with dread. So why am I am so terrified by imperfection? Mostly because there is that distinct possibility that I might not be accepted, rejected by the rat pack. Being perfect demands that I…

Kill the Lizard....

I am currently reading Seth Godin's book, "Indispensible". It is a great and fun read. The premise of the book centers upon how one can become indispensible in the ever changing global market. What makes this book cool is that he stresses one to tap into the silent genius that lies within. In the book he makes a clear distinction that genius does not only mean painting a masterpiece, or composing a symphony. True genius he argues instead comes whenever one is able to solve a problem or to create anything that has not existed before. Genius, in this light is simply doing the things that make one most human, most unique. The greatest impediment to this however lies with something called "Our Lizard Brain"

Our Lizard brain is the part of us that craves comfort and security. It is the most basic, biological part of the brain. It is the tiny, but loud voice that discourages one from ever doing something different and unsafe. In short this is the voice of convent…

New Research Suggests...

I was reading about recent government findings about internet theft. Anyone who owns a computer needs to check this site out. This can be the difference of literally thousands of dollars. Here is the link:

Marcello's Mischief circa 94'

Excited beyond belief my brother called me to check out something in the freezer. He said that he was able to buy something that I would surely enjoy. (How the heck did he have money, I don't know) As soon as I opened the freezer...there it was...I began gasping for air, I could not breathe, and my eyes were burning. Nearby as I was gasping for air, I heard a giggle...I screamed and I asked my brother, "What the Hell did you do? (I actually used many explitives as I said this) He told me that he sprayed some mase in the freezer as a way of getting back at me for my basketball transgressions.

Marcello's Mischief 95'

It was in June 1995... during the O.J. Simpson trial. At the dinner table my brother for some strange reason began throwing grapes behind my head. My father told him repeatedly to stop. I told him to stop also, but our beloved brother kept throwing grapes at me. He kept doing this until my father got up from the table and began chasing him. It was scary and hilarious at the same time because my brother kept running away and even stuck his tongue out at my dad who was foaming like a raging beast. While this was all happening my mom begin screaming for my dad to stop. My dad, when he caught my brother was so angry that he tried to karate kick my brother but he missed continuously causing him to rip his pants down the middle. We all cried for about 5 seconds, but then we all laughed because it was so wacky and weird, another day, another page in our troubled, but interesting child hood.

Formula Ford: Bring it on

You know what's the funniest thing in the whole word? Driving like a speed demon with my custom 96 Ford Wind star...You should see the faces of the drivers as I pass them, looking incredulous, scratching their faces, nodding their heads. Many have fallen prey to my right, lead foot. I have passed, Mercedes, BMW's, Audi's and my all time favorite, a Ford Mustang convertible. It feels good doing this, I feel like a man, with each car I pass I feel like I am reclaiming a little piece of guy heaven.

Pick up your cross...(Finishing up the semester)

Jesus in the gospel of Mark issues a stern condition on being a disciple as he states,

"If any man would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me." Mark 8:34

This passage takes on a personal dimension for me especially during these final three weeks of my schooling. I am always tempted to complain, to give into to my negative thoughts. Jesus' request to me is simple, "Marco pick up your cross (school) and follow me. I want to do this, but it seems so counter intuitive, I'd rather complain, it feels so much better to complain, there is something eerily comforting about self pity. Because the more I pithy myself, the more I lower my expectations, and in turn the less people expect from me. It is so easy to run away or to crawl into a fetal position somewhere in the cavern of my heart. You see I am doing it now, I should be doing my English homework, but I don't feel like doing it. The clock is rapidly ticking, only three more weeks…

We need to hear it as for the first time...

One of the things that usually pisses me off is seeing Catholic Masses done half assed.

What do I mean by half assed? I have been to so many masses in my life where the priest would literally rush the mass and make sure that he would squeeze it in the 45minute mark. God forbid the mass would go over 1hr! How terrible to spend more time with Jesus! How awful to touch a piece of heaven!

This apathetic attitude is in direct contradiction to the gospels. One does not need to read much in the Bible to see and witness the powerful words of Christ, and how it literally changed all of Palestine in just 3 short years. Chirst's words were powerful, penetrating, and yes directly contradicted the norms of that period. Christ's words were so powerful that it would inspire thousands of people to sacrifice their lives for the faith! We need to recapture this novelty, this excitement of Christ's words in our lives. So how do we do this? It's quite simple read the gospels everyday a…

Marcello's Mischief Part I

I remember the day like it was yesterday...

My uncle Joe was peacefully sleeping, when all of a sudden he woke up. The waking up and the sleeping were not the problem, but the hour was. It was 9:30, my uncle was late to work, but how did this happen?

Marcello, our esteemed, homegrown terrorist, took the batteries out of the alarm clock. Somewhere I could swear I can still see his giggling face..

Let me introduce to you my uncle joe...

Yesterday I had the unique privelage of celebrating a wonderful milestone, the 50th birthday of my uncle Joe. This event was special not only for the obvious reasons, but most of all because this man in many ways was like a second dad to me.

You see I was born from a broken home. My parents marriage was dysfunctional to say the least, with the obvious negative side effect being that I never had a good male role model. This all changed when my uncle Joe came into my life.

I remember the day like it was yesterday. It was during the summer of 1988, a humid day, the type of day in which every shirt felt like polyester. I was just 7 years old, a tall and lanky kid, with a few missing teeth (don't ask me why) I remember going to the airport and seeing my uncle and all of my other family members...I remember the sheer joy, the hope, the optimism.

Fortunately for us (me and my brothers) my uncle did not return to Slovakia he instead decided to stay with us, to become an American citizen, …

Do the Next Right Thing...

There is a saying in AlcoholicsAnonymous that simply states, "Do the next right thing" So what does this mean on a practical basis? And more importantly how can we apply this in our lives?

Isn't is strange how whenever one decides to do anything good there always seems like something gets in the way? Let's say for example you decide to begin an exercise regiment, you are excited, motivated, and in your heart you know that is the right thing to do, but all of a sudden just when you are about to take that first step... bang! that phone call comes, or suddenly you develop a cold, or you are tired, you oversleep, or even better something tragic might even strike, like a death. Why does this happen? And what can one do to combat this ?

In spiritual terms these events can be seen as active manifestations of an evil force called the devil, in more general terms this human tendency can be defined as inertia, or more simply as laziness being inclined not to do the right thing.


I can't believe it....the dirty bird lives

Yes I know though it may be hard for many to believe, but there it happened I remembered the moment, with great clarity...

I was driving back home from school today on the passing lane when I noticed a red dodge suv behind me, the person was driving fast and when he passed me he did the inevitable....he flipped me the finger! Yes the mighty finger! Not only that but he was so sophisticated that he placed his finger on his rearview mirror as he was passing me. Wow what cleverness! I might want to do the same whenever I am thwarted by some 90 year old woman on the highway. ( I am just kidding, eventhough it does sound fun) Come on man, me getting the dirty bird! Strangely it felt good like I was validated into some elite driving club. Long live the dirty bird!!

The greatest teaching of all time

I was just meditating on a bible passage in the gospel of Matthew. The meditation that I did came from the book, An Ignatian Introduction to Prayer written by Timothy Gallager. This book focuses on specific readings from the Bible using the Ignatian method of prayer. In short the Ignatian method involves using one's imagination, specifically putting one self in the scene of the selected bible passage. Today's meditation was on the Sermon on the mount which I consider probably the greatest teaching in the world's history.

So I placed myself in the scene. I imagined myself walking up a dusty, desert like hill, and hearing the voice of Jesus for the first time. I imagined the crowds, the scorching heat, the unforgiving dirt road. I imagined the excitement, the novelty, the simple, unassuming, powerful words of Christ. When I did this my heart lept with joy and I felt a deep yearning to draw closer to Christ. Here are some of the beginnings of the sermon


All Hail The Mighty Steven!

This is a little reflection that I had to write in my child psychology class about my beloved friend, Steve. This reflection brought back many fond memories about this important and pivotal person in my life. So let me introduce to the world my beloved friend Steve.

"I met Steve when I was only 8. Before that I did not have any significant relationships except for my brothers Marcello and Daniele. But when Steve walked into my life everything changed. I remember the day very clearly as it was yesterday. It was sometimes in January, when I saw this chubby, quiet kid walk into my living room. He had an "S" jacket that looked something like a 1950's jacket that would be worn by James Dean. The only problem with this was that it was 1989, and the era of the greaser was long gone. But besides this awkward unassuming beginning something great was on the horizon. My life was about to change... For starters Steve was almost three years older than me and was great in baseb…

Welcome to the blog world

This is the first entrance in my blog. I will be writing about whatever comes to my mind in my life. These thoughts will be a small representation of my life....I hope that you all enjoy my ramblings and that they could be of some use to you all...