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The Woman Murdered Upstairs. Chapter 1

For the past couple of weeks I have been working on a short story titled, "The Woman Murdered Upstairs." In this post I will be posting the first chapter of this work.   In the future I will post other installments of this story.  I hope that you enjoy it.

How Not to Be Like Your Parents Financially (If Your Parents Are Rich Ignore This Article)

Financial peace has been a priority of mine ever since I got married.  I can't say that I haven't fallen off the wagon a couple of times.  But despite these obstacles one of my greatest goals is financial peace.  By financial peace I don't mean wealth. (Even though that would be nice.)  I mean being debt free.  Recently I stumbled upon this great article regarding personal finances.  Enjoy.  Most importantly apply them to your lives.

What to Do When Holy Week Doesn't Feel Holy

Today is Tuesday of Holy Week.  Honestly it feels like any other Tuesday.  It doesn't feel any holier then the previous Tuesdays of the year.  I guess I feel this way because I haven't been partaking at mass regularly. My job simply doesn't allow me the opportunity to attend mass regularly. As a practicing Catholic christian I can't help regretting this especially during Holy Week.  This past Palm Sunday I was not able to attend mass.  I felt bad because Holy Week is my favorite time of year. I am also scheduled this week to work Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the entire triduum. 

So why should anyone care who is reading this?

I am not writing to gain sympathy or pity.  I am not even writing this to sound mildly entertaining because spirituality isn't really that entertaining most of the time.  The reason I am writing this is to indicate that my relationship with the Lord is a deeply personal one.  I remember years ago when I wasn't into my faith how evangelica…

Liberal Lie #2

B) Man becomes bad only through injustices in the environment.  Therefore the role of any government or institution is to rid the society of all injustice.

This argument of liberalism is the centerpiece of its philosophy because once a person accepts this then life becomes a series of injustices that need to be remedied.  The irony of this argument is that life will always be full of injustices and if these injustices need to be removed who can remove them?

I will give 3 reasons why this liberal argument is false.

Reason 1: There are people who are still able to live meaningful lives despite injustices in their environment.  Victor Frankl, a holocaust survivor was able to find meaning despite his horrible circumstances; so much so that he developed a new school of psychology.  Nelson Mandela was able to survive 27 years of imprisonment and was able to forgive his captors and lead his country into freedom.  Now this logical criticism will arise: But these examples are extraordinary exc…