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A great, short blog about the Holy Family

Today is the feast of the Holy Family, a great feast in the life of the Church.  Personally this feast holds a special place for me because it was the day in which my parents wed.  Also as a still sort of newly wed man this feast takes on a deeper significance as Renee and I seek daily to emulate the values of the Holy Family.  In lieu of this easily forgotten special day I suggest that you read this short, but excellently written post from Shirt of Flameone of my favorite blogs.  The blog is titled, The Feast of the Holy, Fragile Family.  (Click here to read the blog in its entirety.)  Have a Happy Holy Family Day!

Top Ten Crappiest Christmas Carols #1!!!

After three weeks of torturing you all with my selections for the Crappiest Christmas Carols we have finally reached the end of our journey.  This final song was the inspiration for creating this ignominious list in the first place. This song was also written by one of my favorite artists who for some bizarre, unknown reason decided to pen arguably one of the worst Christmas Carols ever.  This song is so bad that it is nearly on everyone's top ten worst Christmas song list.

So without further delay I bring to you, Crappy Christmas Carol #1!...

"Wonderful Christmas Time" Time-Paul McCartney

This song has all the ingredients for a horrendous song; from the never ending repetitive loop of a Moog synthesizer, to its banal lyrics, to its heroin addictive, melody.  Once this song gets in your head it simply never gets out.  On the positive side Paul McCartney has written some of the greatest pop masterpieces, which should offset any damage to his legacy that might have been ca…

Top Ten Crappiest Christmas Carols #2

In my previous post I introduced to you the terrors of, Dr. Demento, Wham, Chicago, Dan Fogelberg, The Eurythmics, Bruce Springsteen, Cyndi Lauper, and Band-Aid. In this post I will list a song that despite it's heart warming plea, still falls colossally on its face.

Here it is Crappy Christmas Carol #2...

"Christmas Shoes"- Newsong

This song is the, "Butterfly Kisses" of Christmas songs. Even though it is well intentioned, and provides a moving plea it still falls into the same trap most of christian contemporary songs.  It is corny, predictable, and sappy.  I know that I will get a lot of flack for this one, but still it does not change the fact that this a terrible song.

Top Ten Crappiest Christmas Carols #3

In my previous posts I have introduced you all the heinous croonings ( I think this is an actual word) of Dr. Demento, Wham, Chicago, Dan Fogelberg, The Eurythmics, Bruce Springsteen, and Cyndi Lauper.  Now I will introduce to you a song that makes "We are the world" look like a pop masterpiece.

I introduce to you all Crappy Christmas Carol #3...

"Do they know its Christmas"- Band Aid

Since when did it "snow" in Africa? Nothing beats the head bopping guitarists, trite lyrics, and never ending supply of mullets.  After hearing this song I never felt less motivated to send my money to help the African children.

Stay tuned as I up the ante with Crappy Christmas Carol #2!

The Dignity of Wearing Brown

For the past two weeks I have had the awesome privilege working for "brown";  "brown" of course being UPS.  During these two weeks I have learned firsthand about the dignity of work, how work is a ennobling endeavor, a platform for holiness, and a natural antidote to depression.  What makes this so great is the fact that I was not even supposed to get this job, the way it all came about was totally providential and it warrants a brief explanation... 

About 2 months ago while I was in the midst of my frustrating job search I decided to contact UPS for employment as a seasonal driver helper. I knew that the pay would be ridiculously low but I also knew that UPS was a reputable company and that this could portend good things for the future.  Soon after I was contacted scheduled for an interview.  At the interview I did well, and UPS told me that they would contact me back soon.  However,I did not receive a response for about two weeks. During this frustrating waiting…

Top Ten Crappiest Christmas Carols #4

In my previous posts I introduced to you all the terrible performances of, Dr. Demento, Wham, Chicago,  Dan Fogelberg, The Eurythmics, and Bruce Springsteen.  In this post I will change things up a little and add a famous dance that should have never received the Christmas treatment.

Here it is Crappy Christmas Carol #4...

Christmas Conga-Cindy Lauper

This song brings back to me those painful moments as a child when I was violently pulled by some burly Italian relative to join a conga line.  This song takes this torture to an entirely new dimension. 

Stay tuned as I ratchet up the horror for Crappy Christmas Carol #3!

A Christmas Conversation with St. Joseph

I originally wrote this post this past August. In the original post I had an imaginary conversation with St. Joseph regarding his unique role during the birth of Jesus. Today while I was listening to the gospel I felt inspired to re post this conversation. To get the full effect of the conversation I would suggest reading today's gospel Matt 1: 18-24. So here it is enjoy! (To view my two conversations with St. Joseph in their entirety click here and here. )

Me:"Can you elaborate your reactions and feelings when Mary told you that she was pregnant with Messiah from "the spirit of God?"

St. Joseph: "Initially I was deeply troubled, because we had just celebrated our betrothal.  I was also deeply disturbed and hurt because I had taught that Mary had gone behind me back and had caused me great shame.  This didn't make any sense to me, since I knew her upbringing, so I initially decided that I would keep this between only us as not to cause a scandal in our vill…

Top Ten Crappiest Christmas Carols #5

In my previous 5 posts I introduced you all to the torments of Dr. Demento, Wham, Chicago, Dan Fogelberg, and TheEurythmics  Today I will introduce a famous carol performed by a household New Jersey musician.

Here it is Crappy Christmas Carol #5...

Santa Claus is Coming To Town-Bruce Springsteen

Where I live this guy is a demi God, but even "The Boss" could not save himselffrom this train wreck of a performance.

Stay tuned for Crappy Christmas Carol #4!

Our Government wants us to break the 10th Commandment

"You shall not desire your neighbor's house, his field, or his manservant, or his maidservant, his ox, or his ass, or anything that is your neighbor's." 10th commandment taken from Deut 5: 21b

Recently this past week as I was watching The O" Reilly Factor I was struck by a comment made by one of the viewers of the show.  The comment stated  that our government by attempting to raise the taxes on the rich were encouraging our country to break the 10th commandment.  I was struck by the magnitude of the comment. I began to ask myself, "Can it be true that our government can be encouraging us all to break the 10th commandment?"

The answer came to me as I read the 10th commandment itself.  In the 10th commandment God instructs the Israelites not to envy those who had more lands, servants, or livestock, simply put riches.  The key word here is envy, which is more severe than simple jealousy.  The difference between the two is profound, jealousy which is less…

The Top Ten Crappiest Christmas Carols #6

In my previous posts I introduced you all to the terrors of Dr. Demento, Wham, Chicago, and Dan Fogelberg. In this post I will introduce another Christmas tune that will surely send you reeling.

Here it is Crappy Christmas Carol #6...

Eurythmics-Winter Wonderland

This song just reminds me of a JC Penney grand opening in 1984 somewhere in south Jersey. 

Stay tuned for Crappy Christmas Carol #5

Vladimir Putin Again?

In my post titled, Vladimir Putin and Rocky IVI wrote about the strange dream that I had with the Russian premier.  However, nothing could prepare me for this nightmare...

Just one burning question why are Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell, and Kevin Costner all clapping?  Is it possible that Putin channeled the spirit of Rasputin and managed to cast a spell on the unwitting American celebs?

Anna Karenina: The Wages of Sin

"...and that love, she felt, ought to be entirely concentrated on her alone...She was jealous not of any particular woman but of the decrease of his love.  Not having got an object for her jealousy, she was on the lookout for it...And being jealous of him, Anna was indignant against him and found grounds for indignation in everything."  Leo Tolstoy from Anna Karenina

In this desperate scene Anna, is consumed with jealousy. She is fearful that her lover, Alexei Vronsky will leave her for another woman. Ironically her grounds for jealousy are totally unfounded, Vronsky has always been faithful to her. However, she still can't escape the guilt, her paranoia, her embarrassment, her shame over her condition.

I like to read the classics because I hope to learn more about the human condition.  I marvel at how little humanity has changed throughout history.  No matter what time period, ancient or modern, Roman, or Greek, the human condition has remained essentially the same.  We…

The Top Ten Crappiest Christmas Carols #7

In my previous 3 entries I introduced you to the terrors of Dr. Demento, Wham, and Chicago. In this post I will introduce to you yet another crappy Christmas Carol that is sure to cause much mental distress.

Consider yourself forewarned, Crappy Christmas Carol #7!

Same Old Lang Syne- Dan Fogelberg

Right from the opening lines of, "Met my old lover at the grocery store" this song begins its merciless 5 and a half minute assault on the listener. This song has all the ingredients for a dreadful song; crappy lyrics, such as "I stole behind her in the frozen foods", (Creepy) and "She went to hug me and spilled her purse."(Ah!) a nauseating melody that is addictive as heroin, and to make matters worse a Kenny G esque clarinet solo for an ending. Only in a song can a person go from the frozen foods section to the backseat of a car.

Stay tuned for Crappy Christmas Carol #6 in another post

Top Ten Crappiest Christmas Carols #8

Last week I introduced you all to the horrors of Dr. Demento, andWham. Today I will focus on a terrible rendition of a classic Christmas Carol.  I now introduce to you Crappy Christmas Carol #8!

Here it is...

Little Drummer Boy-Chicago

Pretty much anything recorded by Chicago deserves to be on a crappy list.  These kings of saccharine, Hallmark rock, dominated the pop music scene of the 1970's-80's with such dreadful hits as, You're the Inspiration, and "Hard to Say I am Sorry"  They were around the time where it was fashionable to name a band based on a city or state.  (Alabama, Boston, to name a few.)

This version of this timeless carol deserves a special place in Christmas infamy.  This song has it all;  overly reverbed vocals, cheesy pseudo porn trumpet sounds, and an awkward chorus section. The first time I heard it, I had been digging holes in dirt the entire day. When I finally made it to the car this is the first song that I heard.  Cruelty truly knew no b…

Warm Fuzzy Sunday Mass

Recently Renee and I attended 5 o' clock Sunday mass at St. Mary's in Pompton Lakes, NJ.  Unfortunately we did not have a positive mass experience.  We were so troubled that we both decided that I should write and highlight the specifics:

Immediately when we walked in we loved the simple, unassuming beauty of the church.  The lights were dimmed, and on above the altar there was a beautiful Franciscan Crucifix.  What made this crucifix so striking was the fact that it was illumined from behind creating a lighted silhouette, which compelled us to gaze at the cross.  But our gaze was distracted by the loud conversations in the church. To our chagrin we discovered  that some of the source of this distraction came from a Franciscan brother.  His laughter during the conversations was so loud that they distracted us from focusing on the Lord.  The pockets of loud conversations continued right up to the moment the mass started.The music was difficult to follow and super contemporary.  …

A Great Article About The Feast of Immaculate Conception

Today is the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception a Holy Day of Obligation for Catholics.  It is a great day which commemorates the sinless perfection of the blessed mother. This dogma is unfortunately misunderstood especially by our Protestant brethren.   I have to admit that I, myself even doubted the validity of this dogma, it just didn't make any sense.  Why have a holy day of obligation right in the midst of the Christmas Holiday which is supposed to be centered on Christ?  Why is it mandatory for me to believe in something which has little to no biblical basis?  Why make it an obligation instead of just a feast day?   I also have received many questions by others asking me to explain this solemnity.  Fortunately today I was able to find this informative article which does a great job in explaining the reasons for this solemnity.  To read the article click here.

Have a blessed Immaculate Conception Day

The Top Ten Crappiest Christmas Carols...#9

In my last post I tortured you all with Dr.  Demento's The Singing Dogs Jingle Bells. Now that you have had some time to hopefully recover...  I introduce to you all... Crappy Christmas Carol #9...  (Watch the Video First)


#9 Wham: Last Christmas

What's better than a glistening snow fall, a group of long lost friends getting together to ski, and a cabin with a fireplace?  Oh I know..............................   George Michael sporting a dramatic mullet woefully pursuing a Jennifer Grey lookalike with a hideously permed bob!    Hey, who knows?.... Maybe that's the very event that sealed the deal for our friend George and sent him over to the other side to "pitch for the other team." Interesting.

Stay tuned for Crappy Carol #8

The Top Ten Crappiest Christmas Carols ............#10

Ah...the sweet memories of Christmas; those days of magical beauty, and nostalgia; those days where everyone becomes a kid again.  Those days of wonderful Gingerbread scents, Grandma's mouth watering turkey, joyful family reunions, Victorian Christmas Caroling,  Christmas trees, charming storefront decorations, Lionel toy trains, whimsical nutcracker statues, endless glowing lights ,countless re runs of a "A Christmas Story" and Christmas Carols playing everywhere...

But lost in all of this hoopla are some of the worst aspects of Christmas,  the long lines at the mall,  the never ending traffic, the stampedes of Black Friday, etc. and...................Crappy Christmas Carols.  And here comes # 10...............................  (drum roll please!!)

Dr. Demento The Singing Dogs Jingle Bells

Renee and I were having a wonderful lunch as this song played in the background. It was so odious that a waiter randomly exclaimed as he walked by.... "I really hate this song!&qu…

Anna Karenina: The Dignity of Work

"The longer Levin mowed, the oftener he felt the moments of unconsciousness in which it seemed not his hands that swung the scythe, but the scythe mowing of itself, a body full of life and consciousness of its own, and as though by magic without thinking of it, the work turned out regular and well finished of itself.  These were the most blissful moments...All that was drowned in a sea of merry common labor.  God gave the day, God gave the strength.  And the day and the strength were consecrated to labor, and that labor was its own reward.  Leo Tolstoy from Anna Karenina pgs, 299, 326

In this scene Constantin Levin who is wealthy landowner decides to spend several days working with the peasants who take care of his land. Levin is a intriguing and captivating character who was born to aristocracy but later renounced his privileged life in order to run his estate in the countryside, hundreds of miles away from the stiffing air of St. Petersburg's nobility. Armed only with a

Renee Rewards 35: Lunch Notes

I love Renee because she writes poems and places them in my lunch box thus making my work day bearable.  I think that she truly does love me take for example this mini poem that she composed two days ago:

"Roses are RedYour Pooh is BrownBeing without Marco      Makes Renee frown."  Click here to unlock another Renee Reward

Let's Set the Record Straight: A Defense of Pope Benedict Pt. V

Before reading this post browse through my previous 4 installments which I wrote this past spring,  Let's Set the Record Straight:  A Defense of Pope Benedict Parts. I, II, III, and IV.  

Today as I was reading the news on the Internet I came upon a shockingly positive headline about Pope Benedict.  At first I had to scratch my eyes and tap myself on my head 3 times to make sure that I was not dreaming.  Once I realized that I was not dreaming I began reading the headlines and from what I read I was pleasantly surprised. The headlines spoke about how Pope Benedict (then Cardinal Ratzinger) during his tenure as the head of the Congregation for the defense of the Faith (CDF) repeatedly sought for tougher punishments for sex abuse priests.  Also what makes these articles so encouraging is how they depict Pope Benidict as a reformer ahead of his time in his efforts for clerical reforms.  Here are the 4 articles that I read:

Catholic Culture The New York Times The Washington PostThe Vat…

A Wonderful Tale of Hope and Healing

A few days ago I received a provoking e-mail from Johnnette Benkovic, founder of Living His Abundantly Ministries.  (To find out more about her wonderful ministry click here.)  The e-mail depicted the harrowing account of Fr. Phillip Scott a priest who was kidnapped in Peru.  Fr. Scott, through the grace of Jesus was eventually released and has given talks around the world about his ordeal and the wonderful spiritual insights that he gained during his capture. Here is the copy of the e-mail that I recieved:

When a big group of armed gunmen kidnapped and almost murdered Fr. Philip Scott in Peru, he learned the truth of God's healing love.
"They cornered me, two cars full of men with high-powered rifles. I remember an AK47 there.  I said, 'Take the truck,' they said 'No, we want you.'  I said, 'Here are the keys.'  They said, 'We want you.' 
They hit the priest over the head with their guns, pulled a hood over his face, shoved him into one of …

December Phony Catholic of the Month Unveiled!

One of my main goals since beginning this blog was to promote true, authentic, Orthodox Catholic teaching in a hopefully engaging and thought provoking manner. The subtitle of my blog, "Fighting the Good Fight One Minute at A Time" is a statement that expresses this desire. One of the more fun and creative ways that I have sought to accomplish this end was to create a "Phony Catholic of The Month" segment.  The recipient of this honor will have his photo posted on the blog for the entire month.

Prior recipients of this honor have been Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Kathleen Sibelius, Fr. Raymond Gravel, and Fr. Charles Curran.

For this month I have decided to honor Fr. Larry Dowling of St. Agatha's parish in Chicago.  I selected him for his misguided work with the "Illinois Center for Violence Prevention"  This group which includes various community activist groups also includes Planned Parenthood in its roster. Fr. Dowling has also been a life long support…