Top Ten Crappiest Christmas Carols #8

Last week I introduced you all to the horrors of Dr. Demento, and Wham. Today I will focus on a terrible rendition of a classic Christmas Carol.  I now introduce to you Crappy Christmas Carol #8!

Here it is...

Little Drummer Boy-Chicago

Pretty much anything recorded by Chicago deserves to be on a crappy list.  These kings of saccharine, Hallmark rock, dominated the pop music scene of the 1970's-80's with such dreadful hits as, You're the Inspiration, and "Hard to Say I am Sorry"  They were around the time where it was fashionable to name a band based on a city or state.  (Alabama, Boston, to name a few.)

This version of this timeless carol deserves a special place in Christmas infamy.  This song has it all;  overly reverbed vocals, cheesy pseudo porn trumpet sounds, and an awkward chorus section. The first time I heard it, I had been digging holes in dirt the entire day. When I finally made it to the car this is the first song that I heard.  Cruelty truly knew no bounds!  For that reason alone this song deserves to be #8 on the Crappiest Christmas Carols list!

Stay tuned for Crappy Christmas Carol #7


  1. Wasn't it I heard it the first time last Monday when I was working with you!


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