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Give Me My Ears Back!!!

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A Nation of Heretics Pt. 3: Church in Decline

In my previous post I spoke about the glorious hey day of Christianity in the 1950's.  In this post I will list Ross Douthat's 5 principal causes why Christianity began to fall apart in the 1960's and 70's:

1) Political Polarization.  During most of our country's history religion played a healthy counterbalance to both political extremes, right and left.  A great example of this was the civil rights movement which was begun by ministers and priests not politicians.  However, in the 1960's this balance was disrupted mainly by the Vietnam war, but also because of other contributing factors.  With this divide Christians were forced to choose between progressivism (democrat) vs. conservatism (republican.) This divide continues to this very day.

2) The Sexual Revolution. In the 1960's the birth control pill was developed and manufactured for general use.  Now people who considered themselves loyal to Christian teaching all of a sudden found themselves at odds wi…

Pope Francis: A Beautiful Gesture

This is guaranteed to make you cry.   (It brought tears to my eyes.)

A Nation of Heretics Pt. 2

A Nation of Heretics (Preview)

I would highly suggest watching this video by Fr. Robert Barron about Ross Douthat's book, "Bad Religion: How We Became a Nation of Heretics.  It is short, pithy and serves as an excellent introduction to the posts that I will be writing on this subject.

A Nation of Heretics

Let Go & Let God

“Let go and let God.”

I’ve heard this phrase a thousand times before.   What does it really mean to let go and let God?  How does one do this without losing their entire self in the process?

I admit that in our ego saturated society this can seem tyrannical.  “I am in control” is the mantra of our age.  But this stubborn clinging to self is the cause of much evil and heartache in the world.

Who is the freest person on earth?  The person who gives up trying to control their own life and the lives of others.

Nature is bound by laws. Humans, being part of nature- need to be bound by something also.  Just imagine if the sun told the universe, “I won’t rise today.” The results of this defiance would be catastrophic.  The sun rises everyday because it is bound by law to do so.  The same is true of the moral law.  Just because the rules of morality aren’t as obvious as nature’s rules doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. 

Letting go and letting God is the foundation for a spiritual and moral…

The Rebecca Test

Conversion. Simply stated.