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Self Esteem Can Be Bad for You

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Don't Trust The "Experts"

There is an obsession currently gripping our nation: the obsession to trust the so called "experts." We want to be told what to do, how to think, and what to believe in.

In our feverish search for meaning we seek to purchase every self improvement "how to" book, we slavishly cling to political advice from pundits, and accept everything as gospel from our "enlightened professors."

Most of the experts that our society deifies aren't really wise. The one's who are crowned "experts" usually reach this level of prominence not because they are wise; rather instead because their opinions are the loudest, they have the best looks, and the means to market their vapid ideas.

A true expert doesn't need to attend the most prestigious colleges, have the best job, or have the biggest bank account.  Some of the worst human beings in history were educated by the "best." (Think of Vladimir Lenin, and Joseph Goebels.)

The wisest person who …

Trust Your Gut (Well Sort of)

You probably have heard the phrase, "trust your gut." before.

Most people would define trusting your gut as a feeling, a certain intuition, a type of 6th sense that can be applied to real life situations where there aren't any clear answers.

I agree that you should trust your gut, well sort of....

When you say "trust your gut" what exactly are you trusting? a hunch, a feeling?

The problem with this is that feelings always change, and hunches come and go.

The solution is a well formed "gut" that utilizes the faculties of the mind also.

What makes us human is our ability to reason.  Animals rely only on their feelings.  Trusting your feelings without utilizing your mind is animal like.

No one can control feelings.  Feelings are like the weather constantly changing.

If you live your life like this you won't be free or be able to trust your gut.

The mind needs to be placed in charge of your feelings not the other way around.

The person who is best a…

The Tornado & God

I was recently watching a show about tornadoes on the weather channel.  On this particular episode it depicted that devastating tornado that destroyed the city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama in 2011.  As I was watching the frightening, first hand accounts I began thinking to myself, "Why would God create such terrible things as tornadoes in the first place?"  As I briefly struggled with this question part of the answer came to me in an unexpected way.

The aftermath of the tornado was predictably devastating, with most of the town being completely leveled. As the tornado passed scores of survivors began to emerge.  After the initial shock wore off something wonderful began to happen. Unwittingly the tornado had brought out the best in the survivors.  People all of a sudden became selfless and brave. Neighbors who probably didn't socialize before the tornado all of a sudden began to organize rescue troupes and some even went as far to as to dig others out with fully exposed elect…

Being "Religious" Can Actually Be A Bad Thing

The term religious gets thrown around much in our modern lexicon.  I personally dislike the term because it connotates a certain rigidity, a conforming to rules, that if performed continually will lead one to eternal life. This is not accurate.  Traditions and rituals are important and have their place in the faith and can be an invaluable aid to holiness, but in themselves they can become detrimental to a fully integrated and authentic life of faith. People are who strictly religious become in some way like spiritual schizophrenics, dividing prayer into separate categories from their normal lives.  This is wrong. St. Josemaria Escriva speaks about this very issue in his famous homily, Passionately loving the World, where he states emphatically, 
"No! We cannot lead a double life. We cannot be like schizophrenics, On the contrary, you must understand now, more clearly, that God is calling you to serve Him in and from the ordinary, material and secular activities of human life. He …

What We Can Learn From Chimps About Leadership

I have always been fascinated by leadership. Something inside of me has always been drawn to leadership, especially effective leadership. I don't know if this desire is innate or something that I developed through my life experiences. (Maybe it's a combination of both.) Those who know me would call me a leadership junkie. I have read and reread the bios of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, John Paul II, Ronald Reagan, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, King David, successful business entrepreneurs, and effective ministry leaders. I believe that I am also drawn to leadership because there is such a great dearth of leadership in our society. Through my various experiences I have learned that most institutions, churches and corporations are run by people who simply have no business being in leadership.  I believe that most managers and leaders are simply promoted not on their leadership abilities but instead on their loyalty and their usefulness. Most of these incompetent …

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