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The Murder Question

Why is it wrong to murder?

The answer to this question seems obvious and even nonsensical to most people. In this post I will explain briefly how the Christian and atheist differ in their reasoning. For argument's sake I will define murder as the willful taking of an innocent life.

A Christian believes it is wrong to murder because God says - Do not murder. To a Christian, God is the supreme law giver and disobeying  God's law has eternal consequences. The taking of an innocent life can lead a person to eternal damnation. The atheist also might believe that it is wrong to murder, but the reasoning isn't as clear since atheism is relativistic in nature. Atheism for the most part doesn't believe in moral absolutes.

There are 2 arguments which atheists commonly make regarding the murder issue: 1) The environmental/cultural argument, and the 2) the utilitarian argument.

I will briefly explain both positions:

1)The environmental/cultural argument. 

Since atheists don't …

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