The Necessity of "No"

One day little Billy asks for a fit bit and his parents buy him a fit bit.  A couple of weeks later Billy asks for a new i-phone and his parents buy him an i-phone. Eventually Billy asks for a car and his parents buy him a car. The trend continues for years. Billy as a result develops an entitled mindset. He expects everything to be given to him.

Billy gets older and at some point in his thirties, Billy realizes that he has to begin working to support himself. He mistakenly thinks that work world will treat him like mommy and daddy did: giving him things without having earned them.  Reality soon hits him hard and Billy becomes disillusioned, depressed, and angry.  Billy is not prepared to live a responsible, adult life. Billy has never been taught the value of hard work, frugality, and delayed gratification.  Billy isn't prepared to deal with the realities of this rough and tumble world.

It's not totally Billy's fault. Sadly, his parents in their misguided attempts at love, robbed Billy of the life skills necessary to make it in the real world.

Unfortunately Billy's story is a common one. Overindulgence is a serious problem. But there is a simple antidote to this: it's the word....."NO"

Please watch this illuminating short video...


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