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"Wax On, Wax Off"

There is a famous scene from the 1980's cult classic film, The Karate Kid where Mr Miyagi, a karate master teaches a teenage apprentice, Daniel San.  In one of the scenes Mr Miyagi teaches Daniel how to wax and clean his deck by simply commanding Daniel "to wax on and wax off."   After months of doing this Daniel San grows impatient and begins to suspect that Mr. Miyagi has different motives. After pestering Mr. Miyagi,, Mr Miyagi finally admits that in order to be a karate master one needs to master the small things first.   Only after conquering this seemingly mundane task of waxing the deck can Daniel San begin to master the art of karate.

I remember feeling very much like Daniel San at my first job.

I was a dishwasher at a restaurant.  Every weekend I would go to work and see endless piles of dishes which towered like skyscrapers above me. It was all so overwhelming.  I was expected to clean hundreds of dishes well and in a very rapid manner.  If I didn't finish …

Love and Tolerance

We are bombarded almost everyday with the words love and tolerance. These words have been used by Christians and supporters of gay marriage alike to explain their points of view. But what is the difference between love and tolerance? (without getting too philosophical) Is there any difference?

I believe that there is.

Philosophy is said to be the art of making distinctions. Love according to St. Thomas Aquinas was wanting the good of the other.

Let's use a practical example...

Say it's past your child's bed time but your child still wants to play with their i pad. You give them five more minutes but those five more minutes now turn into a half hour.  In this case the good parent will not allow the child to play on their i pad because getting a good night's rest before school is more important than allowing the child to play on their i pad.  The parent in this example wanted the good of the child. In the mind of the child the parent is not being tolerant of their wishes…