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Spiritual Push Ups

"No pain, no gain." 

I have heard this statement a million times before.  But what does it really mean when it comes to the spiritual
life? After all in the spiritual life the results aren't as clear cut as in the sports or business world.  In the spiritual life the benefits can sometimes be harder to identify, especially in this fast paced world where one is constantly distracted.  How does one push forward in the spiritual life despite this inertia?

For starters the spiritual life is not a series of approved techniques and methods that enhance feelings of tranquility. Many Eastern spiritualities deal with emptying the mind of all distractions. As a Catholic Christian even though I respect these traditions I am not too concerned with this. For me spirituality is not just a state of mind, it is much more than that.  True, authentic spirituality has to do, as the word "spirit" implies with the spirit of a person; that intangible but very real part of every human…