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Tight Clothed Cyclists Have Taken Over Monmouth County


That's right, here in Monmouth county there is a new type of predator.  It is not the summer time humidity, or the assaulting mosquitoes, or the raucous 20 something year old crowd frequenting the county's bars.  Instead Monmouth county has been taken over by a new plague; tight clothed cyclists.

Let me explain...

First off I have nothing against cyclists.  I love bike riding myself.  However, the thing that bothers me the most is how some cyclists act like they own the road.  They cycle in the middle of the road forcing cars to swerve into the opposite lane to avoid hitting them. A perfect example of this happens on Navesink River Road which is arguably the most beautiful road in NJ.  The road is windy, hilly, and narrow.  Cars have trouble sometimes navigating the narrowness of the road, now throw some cyclists into the mix and you get a precarious mix of congestion which can be deadly.

Another thing that drives me crazy are the corny tight fitting outfits that the…

Post Comfortable Christianity & The Election of 2012

Here is a snippet of the provocative article written by Fr. George Rutler.  It is titled, "Post Comfortable Christianity & The 2012 Election." It is a must read for Catholics and anyone else who is concerned about the state of religious liberty in our country.

"Unless there is a dramatic reversal in the present course of our nation, those who measured their Catholicism by the Catholic schools they attended, will soon find most of those institutions officially pinching incense to the ephemeral genius of their secular leaders, and universities once called Catholic will be no more Catholic than Brown is Baptist or Princeton is Presbyterian. The surrender will not come by a sudden loss of faith in Transubstantiation or doubts about Papal Infallibility.   It will happen smoothly and quietly, as the raptures of the Netherworld always hum victims into somnolence, by the cost factor of buying out of government health insurance." To read the rest of the article …

Zombies vs. Jesus

"A man who won’t believe in God will believe in anything." GK Chesterton

There has been a lot of talk about zombies.  Frankly I don't get it.  When I heard about it the first couple of times I thought that it was a passing reference to Micheal Jackson's Thriller video. The tipping point for me came at work when one of my workers passionately asked,   "You don't believe in Zombies?"  Thinking that she was joking I laughed.  But as I responded in my typical sarcastic manner she was visibly upset.  My other coworkers joined in the conversation about zombies talking about a case in Florida where a man believing he was a zombie preceded to eat the face of his victim. I even heard about a person who had amassed a massive stockpile of arms to shoot zombies. It was then, through these conversations that I realized that this Zombie craze was not something funny; it was something diabolical, a new way of engaging in the occult.

Shortly after these conversations I…

The Upcoming Battle on Broadway

A great short video created by the folks at Churchmilitant.TV about the potential battle between Cardinal Dolan and Catholic Lesbian Mayoral Candidate Christine Quinn.

The Eagle & The Chicken

The Eagle and the ChickenOne day a farmer found an eagle’s egg and thinking it one of his chicken’s eggs, placed in a nest in his chicken coop. The egg hatched and the baby eagle grew up thinking that he was a chicken. The eagle did what the chickens did. It scratched the dirt for seeds and worms and it did not fly more than a few feet because this is what chickens did.

One day he saw an eagle flying gracefully and majestically in the open sky. He asked a chicken friend “What is that beautiful bird?” The chicken said “That is an eagle. He is an outstanding bird, but you can’t fly like him because you are just a chicken.” So the eagle never gave a second thought to it and lived and died as a chicken, depriving himself of his heritage. 

This parable has been told and retold many times in various cultures, through different authors and saints.  The cautionary message however, is the same; that if a person doesn'…

Fortnight for Freedom Reflection Day 11

To view PDF click here.

Furthermore, society has the right to
defend itself against possible abuses committed on
pretext of freedom of religion. It is the special duty
of government to provide this protection. However,
government is not to act in arbitrary fashion or in an
unfair spirit of partisanship. Its action is to be controlled
by juridical norms which are in conformity with
the objective moral order.

These norms arise out of the need for effective safeguard
of the rights of all citizens and for peaceful settlement
of conflicts of rights. They flow from the need
for an adequate care of genuine public peace, which
comes about when men live together in good order
and in true justice. They come, finally, out of the need
for a proper guardianship of public morality. These
matters constitute the basic component of the common
welfare: they are what is meant by public order.

For the rest, the usages of society are to be the
usages of freedom in their full range. These require
that the freedom of man be…