Zombies vs. Jesus

"A man who won’t believe in God will believe in anything." GK Chesterton

There has been a lot of talk about zombies.  Frankly I don't get it.  When I heard about it the first couple of times I thought that it was a passing reference to Micheal Jackson's Thriller video. The tipping point for me came at work when one of my workers passionately asked,   "You don't believe in Zombies?"  Thinking that she was joking I laughed.  But as I responded in my typical sarcastic manner she was visibly upset.  My other coworkers joined in the conversation about zombies talking about a case in Florida where a man believing he was a zombie preceded to eat the face of his victim. I even heard about a person who had amassed a massive stockpile of arms to shoot zombies. It was then, through these conversations that I realized that this Zombie craze was not something funny; it was something diabolical, a new way of engaging in the occult.

Shortly after these conversations I found this video titled, Zombies  vs Jesus.  It was created by the folks at spirit juice studios.  It is short, funny, entertaining and packs a spiritual punch.


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