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Finding The Opportunity Inside the Obstacle

I recently read this great article.  The article is about finding the opportunity within each obstacle.  This is a skill that I believe that I believe that we all need.  It was very inspiring.  Here are two of my favorite excerpts:

If you mean it when you say you’re at the end of your rope and would rather quit, you actually have a unique chance to grow and improve yourself. A unique opportunity to experiment with different solutions, to try different tactics, or to take on new projects to add to your skill set. You can study this bad boss and learn from him—while you fill our your résumé and hit up contacts for a better job elsewhere. You can prepare yourself for that job by trying new styles of communication or standing up for yourself, all with a perfect safety net for yourself: quitting and getting out of there.        With this new attitude and fearlessness, who knows, you might be able to extract concessions and find that you like the job again. One day, the boss will …

60 Years Later; Still In Love

About two weeks ago I had the privilege of attending the 60th wedding anniversary of my aunt and uncle.  (I prefer to call them in their Italian forms of Zio and Zia.)

That's right 60 years, that is 21,900 days and 6 million years in Hollywood time.  Honestly how many people have been together for more than 6 years much less 60? Now every time there is a wedding reception and the longest tenured couples are called up I would put my money on my Zio Totonno and Zia Giovanna!

When I walked in, (coincidentally I happened to be walking in at the same time as they did.)  I was struck by the youthfulness and visibility of their love.  They still spoke to each other as 20 something year olds as they walked up those steps. Their steps might have been slower walking up, but their love was as youthful as ever as they walked into the room where their family awaited excitedly.

Their everlasting union is a testament to our commitment phobic world.  Their marriage is the proof that love, which i…

A Spiritual Retreat with St. Catherine of Siena Part II

"The soul can not live without love, but always wants to love something, because she is made of love and, by love, I created her."

As humans we were created to love.  Love is as natural to the human as the air is to the atmosphere.  We, as humans were created for a transcendent purpose.  The opposite is also true.  The evil person also loves however, in their case the evil person loves evil.So how is love manifested in each person? Through goodness and virtue, but most importantly a person loves most purely when that love is connected to the ultimate source of love, which is God.  Since God created humans out of love he is the source of love and the closer a person is to that source the more he/she will love.  The opposite is also true.  The evil person will love the source of all evil which is the devil.  When it comes to love no human can remain neutral; either one loves God or loves the devil.

"The number one is excluded, for, unless a man has a companion, I can not b…

A Spiritual Retreat with St. Catherine of Siena

I am currently reading The Dialogue of Saint Catherine of Siena. In this post and in others I will be placing several of my favorite quotes with brief commentaries on each of them.  Before reading them I would highly suggest reading the biography of St. Catherine (To read her bio click here or here.) to gain a broader perspective of her teachings.

My goal through these quotes is to create a mini retreat, where we encounter St. Catherine in the midst of
our normal day to day activity.

So with St. Catherine as our guide lets begin:

"...I wish that you should know, that not all the pains that are given to men in this life are given as punishments, but as corrections, in order to chastise a son when he offends."

It is comforting to know that God doesn't punish because he is bored and needs some entertainment. God punishes, rather corrects to give us the chance to become better. I know that this concept can seem antiseptic when viewed from the surface. But if viewed through …

What Does One Do When Encountering A Saint?

There in the chaos. In the hustling and bustling of my job stood a woman.

I, being tired, and overworked did not notice her.  I hurriedly took her order and thought nothing of it until I saw her..

Smile.  It was a special smile it was immortal, it was a smile , a shy one at that, half curious, half peaceful.

She smiled again and in that second I saw a piece of heaven...

Time stood still.  I was in the presence of greatness and greatness demanded that I tune out the noise and pay attention to her.

After relishing in the sublime, she broke my momentary trance by asking me if I could help her carry her food to her autistic son.

"Help her." I thought that was the least that I could do.

As I arrived to the table where her son sat I heard awful grunting sounds.  The boy was not aware of my existence or of anything in the near environment.  The only thing that he was aware of was the harmonica in front of him which he would play from time to time as his father clumsily struggled to…