What Does One Do When Encountering A Saint?

There in the chaos. In the hustling and bustling of my job stood a woman.

I, being tired, and overworked did not notice her.  I hurriedly took her order and thought nothing of it until I saw her..

Smile.  It was a special smile it was immortal, it was a smile , a shy one at that, half curious, half peaceful.

She smiled again and in that second I saw a piece of heaven...

Time stood still.  I was in the presence of greatness and greatness demanded that I tune out the noise and pay attention to her.

After relishing in the sublime, she broke my momentary trance by asking me if I could help her carry her food to her autistic son.

"Help her." I thought that was the least that I could do.

As I arrived to the table where her son sat I heard awful grunting sounds.  The boy was not aware of my existence or of anything in the near environment.  The only thing that he was aware of was the harmonica in front of him which he would play from time to time as his father clumsily struggled to place the instrument near his mouth.  That harmonica was briefly able to calm the terrible grunting sounds the boy would make when he wasn't using the harmonica.

As I brought the food to the table the lady smiled again, this time more fervently than before.  In that moment I saw Jesus before me, since I was in the presence of a saint.

A saint is a person who upon contact rises one's level of experience. So much so that one forgets the present moment.

As I walked away I saw the woman, her husband, and their child eating their food like any family changing my world in that brief instant.

I walked away a changed man...

For a brief minute I was part of something great. I was in heaven. All was beautiful with the world and no chaos or noise could take that away from me.


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