60 Years Later; Still In Love

About two weeks ago I had the privilege of attending the 60th wedding anniversary of my aunt and uncle.  (I prefer to call them in their Italian forms of Zio and Zia.)

That's right 60 years, that is 21,900 days and 6 million years in Hollywood time.  Honestly how many people have been together for more than 6 years much less 60? Now every time there is a wedding reception and the longest tenured couples are called up I would put my money on my Zio Totonno and Zia Giovanna!

When I walked in, (coincidentally I happened to be walking in at the same time as they did.)  I was struck by the youthfulness and visibility of their love.  They still spoke to each other as 20 something year olds as they walked up those steps. Their steps might have been slower walking up, but their love was as youthful as ever as they walked into the room where their family awaited excitedly.

Their everlasting union is a testament to our commitment phobic world.  Their marriage is the proof that love, which is the most powerful force in the world can unite 2 people in an indissoluble bond which transcends any earthly limitation.  My Zio and Zia have proved that love can truly conquer all, that love can be the fragrance that gives life its greatest meaning.

When my wife asked my uncle what was the secret of their success he answered in his customary wit by saying that the secret was, " just to close your eyes and look the other way."

When he said this at first I laughed, but then I realized the profundity of what he really said.  What he really meant was that the secret was forgiveness, looking the other way, especially when angry.

St. Paul once wrote that, "Love is patient, Love is kind...Love endures all things till the end."  When I look at the love of my Zio and Zia I see St. Paul's words coming to life in the most eloquent and perfect way. God created love to be a foretaste of the life to come in heaven.  My uncle and aunt's steadfast love is the proof that love is not just a passing feeling, that true love is forged everyday in a million small ways whether it is through crocheting, preparing and making pasta; through living and enjoying each moment; by deciding to love in spite of feeling, weakness, anger, or hurt. True love is closing your eyes, and looking the other way.

I want to congratulate my Zio and Zia again and I look forward to their 70th wedding anniversary!


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