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Renee Rewards: Reason 41

I love my wife Renee because she created a nifty travel bag for me that is always stocked and ready to go.  Here are the items:

Toothbrush with Toothbrush coverCrest toothpaste Travel SizeHairbrush Travel SizeSpeed Stick Deodorant (Active Fresh Scent)Burt's Bees Coconut Skin MoisturizerDowny Wrinkle Releaser Travel SizeFor a more wet look:Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Styling GelFor a more dry look: Redken Rewind 06 Pliable Styling PasteCrest Pro Health Mouthwash Travel SizeListerine Total Care Anticavity Mouthwash Travel Size (My favorite mouthwash)Gillette Sensitive Skin Shaving Gel Travel SizeSchick Pro 3 Disposable RazorMatches to disguise stink in bathroomHead & Shoulders Classic Clean Shampoo Travel SizeIrish Spring Soap with Plastic Soap CoverYou have no idea how much peace it brings me to have this travel bag.  Thanks to my wifey gone are the days where I would be stressed before traveling. 

(By the way I would highly recommend having one of these ready to go travel bags at h…

The Persecution Continues

In my previous post, "Are You Willing To Shed Your Blood for Christ"  I spokeabout how we as Christians are becoming more ostracized in popular culture.  These three articles prove this disturbing trend. (To view articles click on titles.)
1) Head of English Equality Commission says that "Christians More Threatening Than Muslims..."

2) Canadian Broadcaster Loses Job over support of Traditional Marriage definition

3) New Mexico judge orders removal of billboard lamenting abortion  

New York Caves In

Last night in a stunning and dramatic victory for Gay rights advocates; the New York State Legislature in a narrow 33-29 victory legalized Gay marriage.  New York, with this passage becomes the 6th and largest state to do so; paving the way for other states to follow. This is a severe blow for us in the cultural war.  Once again we are reminded that we are living in a rapidly declining civilization.

Are We Willing to Shed Our Blood for Christ?

Three days ago while I was checking my e-mail I stumbled upon this disturbing e-mail.  The email was a donation plea from Johnette Benkovic.  Usually I delete these types of e-mails since I don't have the time or money, but in this case I decided to read it.  I was hooked by the title, "Are You Willing To Shed Your Blood For Christ?"

The e-mail asked point blank if we as Catholics were willing to suffer for Christ.   Usually when I get this question I usually think of some martyr somewhere in Africa.  I never think about martyrdom especially in America.  However, as I pondered about this more and more I began to realize that there is some truth that we as Catholics and Christians we are in the midst of a great persecution.  Benkovic explained that there are 5 stages of persecution:

Fr. Corapi No More

Yesterday I found out the distressing news that Fr. Corapi had decided to leave the priesthood. (To read the details click here and here.) For all of those who do not know Fr. Corapi, Corapi was one of the most influential preachers in the catholic church.  He could be seen regularly on EWTN and was credited for bringing back countless followers.  Personally Fr. Corapi was very influential to me especially during my conversion back to the faith.  That's why I write this post with a heavy heart, Fr. Corapi No More. 

About two months ago I found out the troubling news that Fr. Corapi was placed on administrative leave following allegations made by a former staff member.  The allegations were serious; they alleged that Corapi made sexual advances towards this person.  It is important to note that legally Fr. Corapi was never criminally charged. However, ecclesiastically if these charges were true they were very serious.   I, like many of his admirers thought this would all pass in i…

Trials: Friend or Foe Pt. II

In my previous post,  Trials: Friend or Foe Pt. I I spoke about the unique difficulties of my internship. 
About three weeks ago I met with a priest friend of mine for dinner.  I was not in a good place to say the least.  I was super stressed, angry, and bitter.  My life for the previous three weeks was nothing but a series of unexplainable bad events.  While we were eating he told me about a great a struggle that he had to endure.  He simply said that he had two choices during his trial to either surrender and believe in God or to become an atheist.  I was struck by these words, but as I thought more about them I realized that they related to my situation also.

Similarly I am faced with the same critical decision.  I could either choose to leave God or to surrender myself  completely to his will.  None of these options appealed to me.  Of course I did not want to become an Atheist, but at the same time I found the notion of surrendering repulsive.  It goes against my DNA.  I am a fig…

I need your prayers

As I mentioned in my previous post I am in the midst of a great struggle at my internship site. Unfortunately I can not go into too much detail regarding my situation because it has not been resolved yet.  I need your prayers because this is a trying situation.  On the one hand I know for sure that it is God's will that I struggle through this, but on the other hand I feel that I need to fight back against this injustice. I simply can't reconcile the two and its driving me crazy.  I know that Jesus suffered all types of injustices and I should do the same but still I am human and everyday is a battle against myself.  The battle between my flesh and spirit. 

I struggle greatly with my emotions.  On some days I am peaceful and serene while on other days I am so beaten down that I scarcely have the energy to get out of bed.  On some days I am outraged, while on other days I am full of hope and forgiveness. The underlying issue here is that I hate injustice. I am a warrior, all I…

Trials: Friend or Foe? Pt. 1

First off I want to thank all of my followers for being patient with me during these past three weeks. These past three weeks has been extremely trying to say the least.  One of my greatest sufferings was that I could not write as much as I wanted to.  Being a self proclaimed Italian/Slovak loudmouth this was a very bitter pill to swallow. This blog has been my forum for expression, a compelling pulpit which allows me to express myself while simultaneously trying to share my faith through my experiences.  So this is why I have not written much in the past three weeks.

It all began about three weeks ago as I met with my internship supervisor. For some strange reason I had  a premonition that something ominous was about to happen.  As I walked into the office I was greeted by my supervisor and another co worker.  My worst fears began to come true, I knew that something terrible was going to happen. Generally it is never a good thing when your boss has another employee sitting next to th…

Renee Rewards: Reason 40

I love my wife Renee because yesterday after I had a grueling day at my internship site she made sure that our home was a refuge for me.  As soon as I walked in I noticed that she left the military channel on for me.  (Totally awesome) Also when I walked in to our bedroom I noticed how she carefully choose my comfortable clothes which consisted of worn navy blue shorts and my favorite, a shirt that simply said, "Bee Happy." Now for all of those who don't know my wife this shirt choice was ironic since she is mortally terrified of bees.  Still she had it in her to transcend her fears and to bring comfort to me. 

It is so comforting to know that I am not alone through this arduous journey of life.  It is through these moments that I realize most that the Lord truly has my back.  With my "wifey" and Lord by my side I can conquer anything.

Renee Rewards: Reason 39

I love my wife Renee because she buys me black raspberry and lemon Italian ice after a grueling day.  Yesterday was a very difficult day for me.  I was a mess, I was scared, I was overwhelmed, I was angry, I was depressed.  Nothing seemed to be going right for me except for...when my wife directed me to a double scooped mountain of frosted paradise on the counter.  That moment reaffirmed why I love this woman so much.  She instinctively knows how to brighten my day.  It was so therapeutic; with each spoonful I felt all of my difficulties melt away.