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Halloween Memories

Today is Halloween.   It got me thinking about my Halloweens as a child...

For starters, my Halloweens were not typical. We didn't do any trick or treating. Yes you read trick or treating.  I was the child of suspicious European parents who didn't believe in doing anything "American" which for me and my brothers meant not doing anything normal.

Instead of trick or treating we went to our relatives' houses, where instead of candy we got crumbled up dollar bills, a couple of slobbering kisses, and the promise that the same semi traumatic thing will happen next year.  Seriously, all we wanted were a couple of Reese's peanut butter cups.

After crying for the first couple of years about how we weren't like any of our friends, my brother and I got smart.  We pooled all of those crumbled up dollar bills and saved enough to buy some Lego sets.  We were so ruthless that we took our youngest brother's money and rationalized that he probably didn…