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Why I Kneel

Since I am swamped and super busy today I will be linking a post from one of my favorite blogs,  Shirt of FlameThe title of the post is titled, Why I kneel (To read the post in its entirety click here.)

Also I will be posting my thoughts on today's royal wedding in the very near future.  So stay tuned!

Blogs revisited: It is time to Rise Up Why Are We So Scared?

I originally published this post on April 29 2010. 

I was reading the gospel of Matthew today and I stumbled upon the passage were Jesus instructs his disciples to go two by two to the neighboring villages and towns to spread the good news as it is stated,

"...he called to him his twelve disciples and gave them authority over unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal every disease and every infirmity." Matthew 10: 1

The two key words here are authority and heal. So what does this mean in our current time? It means that if one is a disciple of Christ then he/she does have the authority to heal. If we take this passage at face value, it means that we are commanded by Christ to heal others. Now there are many types of healing, mental, emotional, and physical. But what happened to the last category. physical healing? We have all fallen prey to the lie (including myself) that the power to physically heal is reserved for some special, elite class of super saint priests or reli…

Why doesn't The History Channel Show Just History Programs?

This morning as I awoke I turned on the History Channel.  Much to my surprise the History Channel was actually broadcasting history; in this case the fall of the third Reich.  Even though I was gladdened by this rare occurrence; I was also saddened because the History Channel does not talk about history much these days. Yes the sad reality is that the History Channel has succumbed to the reality television craze.

What do I mean by this?  Just flip the channel anytime throughout the day and what do you typically get? Reality shows.  It seems that each time I am watching the channel all I am getting are re runs of such dopey reality shows such as,  Ax men, Ice Road Truckers, American Pickers, ( My wife actually loves this show) Swamp People, and Pawn Stars (My wife also like this show)  Exactly what historical value does a show about some belligerent Ice Truck Drivers somewhere in the North Pole have to do with history?  Exactly how am I learning about history from watching a bunch of …

Our Country Is Heading towards A Financial Collapse

About 3 weeks ago I published a disturbing post titled, A Harrowing Prophecy of The Future. In the post I posted a frightening video predicting the imminent demise of our dollar as the world's reserve currency.  ( I would highly suggest watching the video it is that chilling.)   Now I am afraid to note that our economic demise is occurring much more rapidly then expected. Just to give you a snapshot, in the past three weeks nations such as India, China, and Russia have already begun trading in other currencies thus lessening the demand of our already weakened dollar.  After that countries such as China will begin dumping our quickly devaluing dollars in favor of other currencies causing massive inflation. This will cause our dollar to collapse literally over night.  To read the short but distressing article from The Creative Minority Report click here.

It is important to note that I am not trying to be a dooms day prophet. I hate bad news. I am just a regular, married man jus…

Christ Rise; Bunny Dies

Frankly I am sick and fed up with all of the hoopla surrounding the Easter bunny.  Call me an Ebenezer Scrooge curmudgeon, but I don't think that bunnies are that cute.  I have seen these little glorified rodents prowling the streets, hopping with reckless impunity; hopping so fast that each time a cute child wants to see them they are gone.  Can you believe that when my wife Renee was 5 she got a real bunny for Easter which she named Honey Bunny.  Her innocent, adorable grandma went to pet it and her reward was a nice bite on her finger. Shortly after Honey Bunny was no more.  I believe that this is the path that all Easter bunnies should take, a quick death. Most of all I hate the Easter Bunny because it has replaced Christ as a symbol of the Resurrection.  So in light of all this I am proposing one radical measure; Kill The Easter Bunny!  In these three short videos I will show you how. Enjoy...and by the way Happy Easter!

The Royal Road of The Cross (Good Friday)

I originally posted this last year on Good Friday.

"Jesus has many lovers of His heavenly kingdom, but few cross bearers.  Many desire his consolation, but few His tribulation.  Many will sit down with him at table, but few will share His fast.  All desire to rejoice with Him, but few will suffer for Him.

Many will follow Him to the breaking of the bread, but few will drink the bitter cup of His Passion. Many revere His miracles, but few follow the shame of his cross.  Many love Jesus when all goes well with with them, and praise Him when He does them a favor; but if Jesus conceals Himself and leaves them for a little while, they fall to complaining or become depressed."  from Imitation of Christ-Thomas A. Kempis Book 2, Ch.11:1

Yesterday marked my 30th Good Friday; 30th simply because of my age.  For the first time in my entire life I had to work on this day; even though it was only for a half day I was still distressed.  You see I wanted to make this day special.  I wanted …

The Time of The Cross Is Upon Us

The agony in the garden has always been for me one of the most troubling accounts in scripture. This was the time and place where Jesus was utterly and totally abandoned, forsaken, by all, left alone, to shoulder the burden that would free mankind. The only consolation that he would receive was from an angel sent by God to strengthen him for the journey. My favorite painting of this moment is Karl Bloch’s painting titled, Christ at Gethsemane 1. I feel that this painting best captures the acute fear that Jesus must have felt when he prayed alone in the garden that night. It is a moving painting, that captures eloquently the abandoned Jesus in the arms of a solitary angel.

Just imagine the scene for a moment…

Jesus after sharing his last meal with the apostles leads them into the garden to pray one last time. Now imagine the fear and dread that Jesus must have felt. Imagine the anxiety knowing that in a few short hours he would be brutally tortured, mocked, and eventually crucified. I…

Spain: Groundzero in The Battle against Relativism Pt. II

About two weeks ago I spoke about the disturbing secularist trends in Spain. I aptly titled Spain as “ground zero in the battle against relativism.” Today as I was reading the news I came upon the distressing news that the Basilica of Sagrada Familia was the target of an arson attack. The Basilica is the masterwork of famed Catholic Architect Anton Gaudi. It is a work of pioneering beauty, guaranteed to be one of the world's greatest architectural works upon its completion.

According to reports the incident was caused by a mentally unstable man who dipped church vestments in flammable liquid. As of now it also appears that it was an isolated event. But given the recent increase of anti Catholicism in Spain I would not be surprised to find out that this was part of some coordinated effort; all aimed at discouraging people from attending this summer's upcoming World Youth Day, which will be held in Spain. Luckily no one was injured in the fire and most of the basilica is still …

A Wonderful Witness of Holiness

On Monday as I was perusing the great blog,  The Crooked HaloI discovered a link to Blessed Chiara Luce Badano.  Badano was declared, "Blessed" just this past September; she was only 17 when she died and is considered a leading candidate to be the first saint of generation "X." I did some basic research and I discovered this wonderful, short video about this great witness of our time.  I would highly suggest watching this brief video as a Lenten Meditation. I am sure that you will be just as inspired as I was when I watched it.  To read her bio click here.

The Massacre that No One is Talking About...

I have been dreading writing this post for the past week. I prayed discerning, asking God if it was not his will for me to write this post than for him to remove the desire for me to write it. God did answer my prayer albeit in an unexpected way; he increased my desire to write this post.  That's right, he increased my discomfort so much that I would lose sleep, and be mentally anguished by it.  Despite my fears and apprehensions I realized that I needed to write this post to expose a grave injustice that was perpetrated by Muslims against Christians on April 7th in Nigeria.

I derived some comfort from this suffering from a moving account about Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln after his highly publicized defeat against Stephen A. Douglas in 1858 spoke about how he could not return to his normal life as a lawyer while slavery still existed as it was written:

"Saddened and depressed, Lincoln returned to his dingy law office with the ink stain in the wall and the garden seeds …

An Unholy Alliance

Today as I was carefully preparing my gourmet breakfast which consisted of a yellow orange bowl, a spoon, Kellogg's Pop's cereal, with the backdrop of the heavenly aroma of Starbuck's French Roast, roasting in my new favorite gadget a French Press.  As I carefully partook in this sumptuous feast I turned on my computer and I discovered this disturbing article.

As I was reading one of my favorite blogs, The Creative Minority ReportI stumbled upon a vexing post which depicted how 150 Catholic Colleges had ties to Planned Parenthood.

Introducing Margo...

Let me introduce to you Margo. (Applause!!) Margo is a great writer and author of one of my favorite blogs, The Rosary Trail. (To visit The Rosary Trail click here.)She has graciously allowed me to use one of her postsfor this blog. The title of this post is called, Technology Abuse.  So without further delay here is Margo in her own words...

Blogs Revisited: Consensus=Failure

In lieu of The Marco Minute's one year anniversary I will be re posting several of my favorite blogs.  Today I will post a blog titled, Consensus = Failure. 

The inspiration for re posting this blog came in light of the recent events surrounding the looming government shutdown.   Unfortunately the word "consensus"today has become a catchword for purposeless leadership, and political correctness; getting along just to get along...

Spain: Groundzero in The battle against Relativism

Yesterday as I was reading, First things I stumbled upon this disturbing article.  The article spoke about how in Spain the secularists were routinely disrupting authentic Catholic activities such as prayer services, masses, and college classes.  These despicable acts are all part of orchestrated campaign designed to stoke the fires of anti Catholicism in Spain. 

A Harrowing Prophecy of the Future

Yesterday as I was driving home from my internship I stumbled upon an interesting commercial. The premise of the commercial was that some financial analyst created a shocking video prophesying the imminent collapse of our economy.

Growing Through Weakness

This past Wednesday at my music therapy internship came the dreaded 3 month evaluation.  The only good that I could think of was that this process signified that I was at the half way point. Still despite this positive fact I was still nervous since I knew that all of my weaknesses would be exposed in the 30 minute session.

Blogs Revisited: Not So Bad is Bad

In lieu of the one year anniversary of The Marco Minute I will be re posting several of my favorite posts in the upcoming weeks. For my first selection I choose the post, Not so Bad is Bad. 

The inspiration for selecting this post came from a spirited discussion that I had with my wife today.  The discussion centered around how we needed to apply Christian principles on a particular matter that probably 83.5% of people would view as trivial.

Spiritual Arrogance

"...for everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, but he who humbles himself will be exalted." Luke 18: 14b
In this famous parable Jesus contrasts the spiritual dispositions of a pharisee and a tax collector. (cf. Luke 18: 9-14)   The Pharisee enters the temple boasting of his piety and generous spirit while the tax collector beats his breast in shame and asks for forgiveness instead.  Jesus sternly condemns the self righteousness of the pharisee while praising the authentic humility of the tax collector.

I know that I have heard this parable a million time before, but something struck me today;  Could it be that I was the pharisee? the self righteous one whom Jesus condemns? At first I was repelled by such a radical notion, but as I reflected more and more I realized that yes I have been guilty of spiritual arrogance.

Take for example when I attend Sunday mass. Usually I will find myself judging the bubble gum chewing teen, the woman in front of me who wears tight fitting…