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An Unholy Alliance

Today as I was carefully preparing my gourmet breakfast which consisted of a yellow orange bowl, a spoon, Kellogg's Pop's cereal, with the backdrop of the heavenly aroma of Starbuck's French Roast, roasting in my new favorite gadget a French Press.  As I carefully partook in this sumptuous feast I turned on my computer and I discovered this disturbing article.

As I was reading one of my favorite blogs, The Creative Minority ReportI stumbled upon a vexing post which depicted how 150 Catholic Colleges had ties to Planned Parenthood.

This list was compiled by the venerable Cardinal Newman society. I would strongly suggest that everyone read this article, it is guaranteed to make your blood boil.  To read the shorter article click here.  To read the study in its entirety click here.

Personally I am outraged, but sadly not surprised.  This unholy alliance of Planned Parenthood and Catholic Universities has existed for decades now. I believe that the two primary causes for this are; 1) The publishing of Pope Paul VI's encyclical, Humanae Vitae. The publishing of this staunchly pro life encyclical took the Catholic world by surprise causing many theologians, priests, and nuns to openly dissent from the church. 2) Catholic Colleges receiving federal funds.  Once Catholic colleges began accepting federal funds they were beholden to the regulations of the government which were often times at odds with their core principles.

Politically I am disgusted with both parties. I am outraged how the Democrats were willing to shut the government down if the Republicans would not rescind on their proposal to defund Planned Parenthood.  Just think about it for a second...The Democrats were more willing to protect the funding of Planned Parenthood then to protect funding for our troops which would have been affected had the government shut down.   Troops or abortions?  Wow what a difficult choice!

Unfortunately the Republicans did not fare much better. Because by caving into the demands of the Democrats they ultimately made a decision that was politically expedient, missing another golden opportunity to defend life.  The chilling question is does either party truly care about the dignity of life?  Judging by the actions of both parties this past Friday with the exception of a few courageous representatives I am afraid that they do not.

On a bright note I was able to enjoy my gourmet breakfast.  There is something therapeutic about sticking your face in a bowl sucking the last remnants of a Corn Pop.  You should have seen my milk moustache. I think that even Salvator Dali would have been jealous of it.

Salvator Dali sporting one of his trademark moustaches


  1. Hi Marco from an American-Italian who also has a "big mouth". Anyone who has a Catholic blog series entitled, "Don't Get Me Started" is a mouthy broad, okay, gal. My friend and yours, Margo, pointed me in your direction. I'm glad she did. I, too, was sad to read about the many colleges that promote Planned Parenthood. I often get notices about this thru Respect Life sites then I send e-protests. I just don't get the big-wigs in these colleges even considering this association. The Evil One has gotten its claws into the hearts of these men/women. We must pray mightily about this and make our outrage known thru email, letters, etc. We must fight the good fight. Keep the posts coming, Marco. Have a joyful Easter. Visit me at


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