Spain: Groundzero in The Battle against Relativism Pt. II

About two weeks ago I spoke about the disturbing secularist trends in Spain. I aptly titled Spain as “ground zero in the battle against relativism.” Today as I was reading the news I came upon the distressing news that the Basilica of Sagrada Familia was the target of an arson attack. The Basilica is the masterwork of famed Catholic Architect Anton Gaudi. It is a work of pioneering beauty, guaranteed to be one of the world's greatest architectural works upon its completion.

According to reports the incident was caused by a mentally unstable man who dipped church vestments in flammable liquid. As of now it also appears that it was an isolated event. But given the recent increase of anti Catholicism in Spain I would not be surprised to find out that this was part of some coordinated effort; all aimed at discouraging people from attending this summer's upcoming World Youth Day, which will be held in Spain. Luckily no one was injured in the fire and most of the basilica is still intact, but still it is a tragic setback to one of Christendom's greatest architectural marvels. To read the US news report click here.  To read the UK's The Guardian's article click here.

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