A Harrowing Prophecy of the Future

Yesterday as I was driving home from my internship I stumbled upon an interesting commercial. The premise of the commercial was that some financial analyst created a shocking video prophesying the imminent collapse of our economy.

Usually I don't take such dooms day commercials seriously, but for some strange reason I decided to check out the video when I got home.  What I found was seriously distressing.  Distressing because many of the scenarios that were explained were either plausible or already happening. 

I know that the primary aim of the video is to convince the viewer to purchase a membership for their financial newsletter.  I also know that marketers also tend to use hyperbole to lure consumers.  But still despite these facts the video is still a must watch.  The video is a little lengthy. (75 minutes)  I would suggest viewing the first half hour and if you are hooked or have the stomach you can watch the video in its entirety.  I would strongly urge everyone to pass this information along.

So here is the video:


  1. I watched the whole video.

    Did you get the newsletter?


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