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Love The Rich, Love The Poor

"Children, how hard it is for those who trust in riches to enter the kingdom of God! It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God." Mark 10:24
For years I was troubled by this passage.  I always assumed through reading this passage that anyone who was rich would not enter the kingdom of God. But how could this be? Wasn't Jesus the Lord of all? Even the rich also? It just didn't make any sense to his message of good news. Until recently I held the view that the wealthy were the greatest perpetrators of evil in the world.  Everywhere where I looked my view seemed to confirmed by seeing wealthy CEO's making billions through breaking the law, greedy corporations treating their employees as dispensable, corrupt politicians passing bills to protect their own coffers.  Even Pope Francis seemed to confirm my views as he preached endlessly about the corruption of our capitalist system. Some bishops even preache…

The Ruined Wedding

I had this dream the other night and I was in it as the observer.  So I'll narrate it for you.

I was walking towards a gazebo overlooking the ocean.  It was a beautiful morning. Spring seemed to be everywhere:  the sky was clear, the air perfumed by the ocean, the temperature a perfect "island mild."  A couple of joggers and bicyclists passed by. I saw their determined Olympic like gazes as they ran and peddled towards their self imposed finish lines. Everyone seemed to be in an optimistic mood which was brought on by the pleasant weather.  Strangely, I too was in good morning spirits even though I was a self professed night owl. This morning was a slice of spring heaven.

There were some sounds coming from the left part of the beach. I moved closer and saw the set up for a wedding. The cynical side of me reared its head as I thought... how original - a beach wedding.  But I decided to observe this spectacle anyway mostly out of a sense of curiosity but also for a diversi…

Don't Judge Blacks Differently

The Case for Christ Pt. 2

In my previous post on this subject I spoke about the uniqueness of Jesus; how Jesus was both fully human and fully divine.  To read more click here.

In today's post I will speak about another key element in understanding Jesus; the role of faith.

Karl Adam speaks about the universal desire for God as he writes:

"The human soul is no mere tabula rasa.(blank slate)  As a conditioned, finite entity it is of its very nature attracted towards an Absolute which is unconditioned and final, and in the depths of its consciousness it is aware of the attraction as an unrest, as a nostalgia for eternity and completeness, as a state of sickness for God." pg. 30 St. Augustine once famously cried out to God as he wrote in his Confessions, "Our hearts are restless unless they rest in thee." In order for one to understand Christ one must first have the desire to know him.  How is this desire manifested? Karl Adam believes it is manifested by a universal hunger for spirituality,…

The Holy Spirit Speaks... When We're Listening

"Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me." Matt 25:40
Last week my wife told me how she was inspired by God to help a person in need.

The day began like any another day: errands, plans, bills to pay, deadlines to meet, but she was troubled by something.  Two weeks prior she had been to confession and her penance was to do something good for someone else.  Despite it being two weeks later my wife still felt that she had yet to fulfill her penance.  So she prayed that morning for the Lord to grant her an opportunity to fulfill her penance.  Her prayer actually was for the Lord to make it "strikingly clear." .

Later that day she walked into a deli to get something for her and her mother to eat.  As she was leaving, she saw a man that by all appearances was down on his luck: he wore dirty clothing, looked totally disheveled, and was miserably drunk, so drunk that he couldn't stand up.   My wife walked past him w…

The New Feminism

The Case for Christ Pt. 1

"Why believe in Jesus Christ?" This question is not unique in its originality. Every generation since the early disciples of Christ have asked the same question. This question is still being asked today. The fate of the entire civilized world lies in the answer to this question.

What was it about this humble carpenter from Galilee that has set the world aflame?  What was it about the teachings of this itinerant carpenter that have persisted for centuries by both those who oppose and believe in him? What makes this God Man figure so unique as to inspire countless masterpieces, in both music and art?

Without bias the simple truth is that Jesus Christ is the most influential man in human history.

In these posts I will try to give several lucid reasons why one must believe in him.  I am not a scholar or a theologian.  I am just a man in love with the truth which I found through Jesus Christ.  It is my hope that through reading these posts that my readers will also come to som…

Profits Are Good

The Old Man

This will not be a typical blog post.  What I am doing instead is posting one of my short stories that I wrote several months ago.

The Old Man
A gruff old man sat in his chair, struggling to breathe and straining to utter a coherent sound.  He had lately become accustomed to looking at the clock on the wall, following the minute hand with his eyes.  Yet despite his old age, and withering body he still had the surprising wherewithal to be clear about expressing his innocence to a priest sitting across from him.  He knew that he had sins, (what human didn't?) But overall he thought of himself as a good and decent man.  Yet despite his self assurances he still wasn't peaceful.  He was hiding something, something that had plagued him for years.  So he was eager to set his soul at peace through going to confession one last time before he died.
      " In the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit..." began the priest. 
     " When was the last time t…

Christ Rise; Easter Bunny Dies

Frankly I am sick and fed up with all of the hoopla surrounding the Easter bunny.  Call me an Ebenezer Scrooge curmudgeon, but I don't think that bunnies are that cute.  I have seen these little glorified rodents prowling the streets, hopping with reckless impunity; hopping so fast that each time a cute child wants to see them they are gone.  Can you believe that when my wife Renee was 5 she got a real bunny for Easter which she named Honey Bunny.  Her innocent, adorable grandma went to pet it and her reward was a nice bite on her finger. Shortly after Honey Bunny was no more.  I believe that this is the path that all Easter bunnies should take, a quick death. Most of all I hate the Easter Bunny because it has replaced Christ as a symbol of the Resurrection.  So in light of all this I am proposing one radical measure; Kill The Easter Bunny!  In this short video I will show you how. Enjoy...and by the way Happy Easter!

Maria: The Boisterous Neighbor

It has been said in the scriptures "that man should love his neighbor as himself." Nothing challenges this exhortation as actually having to be kind to your physical neighbor.  In my family's case this wasn't too much a challenge since we had a unique, rare, type of neighbor that impacted all of our lives for the better.  Her name was Maria.

Maria was from Portugal. She came to this country for a better life.  She was a proud Portuguese woman. She spoke the language fluently, her kids also spoke the language, and she was old school in her thinking.  Black was black and white was white there were no other choices.

Maria was also loud.  You can hear her from across the block and God forbid you got on her bad side the whole neighborhood would find out.

But Maria possessed an attribute that was rare.  She was honest, told the truth like it was, and was very loyal; especially to our family when we needed her help.

One funny memory comes to mind.  My father, yes the same…