Vladimir Putin and Rocky IV

It all occurred when I came back from my mother's on Thanksgiving,  I went to bed, closed my eyes and this is what happened: I was in my childhood room at my mother's home.  Several of my relatives were there, my brothers, my uncle Joe, and my mother.  We were all talking until I saw an strange but distinguished guest.  There in standing in the corner of my room was Russian president, Vladimir Putin.  It was so weird, so random, but despite my initial misgivings I made my way over to the Russian president.  We began talking and our conversation went really well.  We talked about a variety of matters, I even succeeded at making him laugh.  I remember how he spoke about the greatness and grandeur of Russia.   After speaking for a while I made my way back to the dining room where we commenced our dinner.  After eating our dinner Mr. Putin called me back into my room.  We spoke briefly until the unexpected happened.  As he began to walk away he suddenly...spat at my face!  I remember feeling the watery, slimey sensation of the spit.  It hit me dead center, between my eyes.  I remember how he began mocking me after saying how Russia would destroy the United States.  I wanted to hit him back but I was held back by my brothers and my uncle.  Mr. Putin walked away laughing, while I tried valiantly to break though my brothers and uncle...

After waking up from this strange dream I wondered what were the events that caused it.  I then remembered how several hours before I watched Rocky IV.  This dream reminded me of this famous scene from Rocky IV:

I guess the tryptophan in the turkey combined with the Cold War tensions in Rocky IV
mixed with my own already jaded views of world leaders screwing the regular folks made for a interesting film clip in my head.


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