Marcello's Mischief: A Wonderful Milestone

Yesterday I had the wonderful privilege of celebrating my brudder (yes that's the way I pronounce it.) Marcello's 28th birthday. (Yes, the same Marcello as from the famous Marcello's Mischief blogs.) It was a strangely uneventful evening; uneventful in the sense that no mischievous acts were caused, just plain old fun with family and friends, digesting tons of food, drinking endless coffee, topped off with shots of Grapa and Sambuca.

Marcello and I have a rare, unique, and baffling relationship.  He is my third favorite human being in the world, after God and my wife of course. He is my best friend, my most honest critic. ( I have implemented many of his suggestions for this blog) He also knows most of my deepest, darkest secrets, the good, the bad, and especially the ugly.  He has stood by me through all of these challenges, mostly encouraging, sometimes destroying, and always providing much needed mischief in my life. Best of all he is my brother, my flesh and blood. So in fitting tribute to him I will list 6 of my favorite Marcello's Mischief moments from blogs past.  To relive the mischief simply click on the following links:

  1. Banned for Life at Chuck E Cheese Pts 1 and II
  2. Marcello's Mischief 95'  
  3. Marcello's Mischief circa 94'
  4. Marcello's Mischief: The Baby Picture Incident
  5. Marcello's Mischief 95': Slovakia
  6. And then there is this....

He actually sent me this image for Thanksgiving last year. I am still haunted by these Chianti sipping, cross eyed Native American dolls! 

Happy Birthday to my brudder Marcello! Thanks for the Mischief!


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