The ACLU and Obama are at it again.

Today as I was preparing to write my post I discovered this disturbing article about how the Obama administration is considering the ACLU's request to force Catholic Hospitals to offer emergency abortion services. This proposition would seek to remove federal funding for Catholic hospitals who do not agree to perform the abortions.   Read these three disturbing articles for greater context:  ACLU Tries to Force Abortions on Catholic Hospitals,  , Obama administration considering ACLU’s request to mandate ‘emergency’ abortions at Catholic hospitals  and A reckless liberal attack on nation's religious hospitals

What makes this chilling is the fact that this is still being considered 2 days after the election.  Now imagine if the Republicans would not have gained the house, this past Tuesday?   The fact that the Obama administration is even considering this preposterous request by the ACLU is troubling.  It is a clear signal that the Democratic party, particularly Obama's cabinet are still very much beholden to the radical, secularist left.  Didn't they learn their lesson this past Tuesday?  We, as Catholics must remain steadfast in  praying and working nobly for the rights and dignities of all human beings, especially the unborn.


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