A Dramatic Retelling of "The Woman Caught in Adultery Pt. II: The birth of a new disciple

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After reading Jesus' writing on the sand Abner began to walk his way back home.  On the way towards his home Abner saw two men talking animatedly about something. Judging by their appearances they looked liked prosperous merchants or tax collectors because of their stylish and colorful tunics. Both of the their tunics were decorated in different, intricate patterns of blue, purple, and red.  Their beards although long were neatly trimmed so that they would not extend further than their upper necks. As Abner walked nearer to the men he heard them discussing amongst themselves,   "How could Jesus forgive that woman?" " Does not he believe in the sacred law of our father Moses?",  The other man answered, " I believe that this Jesus is a fraud, a hack, a great danger to our faith. He needs to be removed or put to death"  "The true Messiah will not be a friend of the gentile"  "This so called Jesus exonerates sin, and defies all of our sacred laws, therefore he must be removed at once.  The other man asked, "Then if this Jesus is such a threat to our sacred traditions then why haven't our leaders done anything about it?"  "Could it be somehow that they secretly believe in him also?"  Or are they scared of him? Either way their inaction, troubles me, it is greatly unsettling.  "Josiah, my dear friend you worry too much about this Jesus, of course our leaders are not afraid of him.  They are just biding their time so that they could present a compelling case to the Romans.  Do not fret in due time they will catch and arrest that damned son of a carpenter, (I think)  Regardless I want to see this Jesus killed or sent away, He is a threat to our political, financial, and spiritual well being.  If the Romans catch a whiff that this prophet is causing an uprising they will destroy us."  Laughing he continued, "Anyway it would be terrible for business if this Jesus is around for too long, I do not intend to give all of my money to the poor or some common harlot that he chooses to forgive!  Josiah, laughing with a more reassured tone said, "You are right I do worry too much, the most important thing is that we are wealthy, and in due time this simpleton, this false magician will be killed." 

While this conversation was taking place Abner hid behind a tree.  He wanted to speak out numerous times during their exchange, but he did not possess the courage to say anything.  He taught to himself, "What can I, a young man of barely thirteen years, say to these learned and successful people?"  "I am nothing, I am a shepherd and my dad is a simple merchant.  If I say anything these men could hurt my dad's already struggling business.  I would never want to do that to my father, but something inside of me is compelling me to speak out in defense of this Jesus.  I was there and I witnessed with my own eyes the power and authority of his teaching.  He was different than any other teacher that I had witnessed he spoke openly, with great authority, not fearful of the leaders and teachers of our laws. Yet he spoke about a new kingdom, a new freedom, a kingdom not of earthly value, but of eternal value.  A new kingdom built on the freedom of love and mercy."

But something more profound was working on the heart of Abner, since he stood directly behind the woman who was about to be stoned, he was also able to catch the gaze of the master. He remembered that gaze very well, he remembered how that gaze was able to quell the anger of the entire crowd and how it even changed his own heart. He knew full well that after gazing into the eyes of the master that his life would never be the same. He wanted to follow and even die for the master, but fear got the better of him as he taught that he was too young to be a disciple of him and he walked away with the crowd as they began to disperse.  Abner lamented his inaction and wrestled with his inability to stand up for the master until...

A dog began barking in the distance and began heading towards Abner. Abner recognized the dog since he often fed it with the remains of his food. Abner was mortified, he knew that if the dog would come nearer that he would be exposed to the two men.  Abner tried in vain to hide, but the dog eventually found him and began jumping excitedly like it had found its true master. 

In the distance one of the men cried out, "Who is that over there?"  Abner did not answer, but the man cried out again this time with more anger," Who is that behind there answer at once!'  Abner walked out, his voice shaking he said, " it is I,  My name is Abner I am a shepherd and this is my dog."   Laughing heartily, Josiah stated, "Wait a minute! I remember seeing you there in the town square,  you were right behind the lady, a stones throw away from that impostor Jesus! The other man joined in saying, "Yes I know this boy also his father I believe is Ariel, I think he is the man who sells the second rate pottery in the square.  What an abysmal merchant he is! I seldom see anyone coming to his shop.  The other man laughed mockingly as he finished his insults. Josiah reprimanded him, "You are such a brute, allow this young man to speak. So tell us were you standing behind that woman in the square?  Abner replied timidly and said "Yes, yes, you are correct I was there, right behind the lady."  Josiah probing further asked, "So what did you think about the master?"  Abner hesitated, but then he began to speak, " As I was standing behind the lady I too believed at first that she should be stoned, but then as he looked into his eyes, I saw something that I had never seen before."  "Well tell us what did you see." Josiah said,  Abner replied, "All of a sudden as the master looked into my eyes I felt a peace, a new freedom that I had never felt before.  I do not know how to describe it, the only thing that I can say is that I felt born again, I felt alive again, I felt joy, I felt peace I even wanted to become one his disciples!"  The other man in a sneering voice said, " You see that's what happens when you have a fanatic teacher magician in the midst of simpletons, this poor and impressionable lot!  They are susceptible to any trickery or falsehood. Come to think about it this Jesus is brilliant, he knows how to spread his message, just speak to the poor, tell them fables of their inflated greatness and surely they will follow!  Like this little dog that licks your feet so are the poor for any crumb of good news." Abner, that's your name right? "Yes" replied Abner "Tell us do you really plan to follow this Jesus?"  Abner with his shoulders now slightly perched and feet firmly planted in the sand said, "Yes I do, with all my heart, I want to die for him if I could!" Abner was stunned at what he had just said, he had never spoken before with such boldness and courage.  Both of the men broke into laughter, Josiah said, "Go ahead join the master, hurry up he will die soon!"  "Maybe while you intend to join the master you can tell him to work a miracle for your father Ariel so that he could make some money off of that second rate pottery!  "Go away you dunce, go catch your master!"  Both men laughed and they walked away.

Despite the insults Abner rejoiced. In some mysterious way he felt closer to the master than anytime before.  Since it was near sun down Abner hurried back home.  Abner wanted to share with his father Ariel all that he had experienced, but he decided against this since he felt that his dad would not understand.  


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