11.21.10 Pt. II Lessons Learned

Here are some of the lessons that I have learned in my first year as a husband:

  •  The saying "that the woman is always right" definitely applies and is a great way to prevent or curtail an argument
  • Praying together is truly the most powerful form of communication, the more you do it, the better
  • For all the men out there always, always clean up under the toilet seat after going  #1
  • Buy fresh flowers at least once a month.  Not even expensive ones. Even grocery store ones. Flowers are tangible evidence that u love her.
  • Make time regularly to be alone with her.
  • Sleeping with my wife definitely beats sleeping alone. I'm a spooner. I admit it. Proudly.
  • When stressed watching The Office and Seinfeld can be very helpful
  • For all the guys again, making the bed can be sexy. They actually think its sexy when u make the bed! Do it! Easy points! (Read my blog that I wrote about this very thing)
  • When angry, strive to never refuse the olive branch that is offered by the other person
  • Singing songs that we both mutually hate is a guaranteed way to spark laughter
  • Saying "Arghh" while walking and talking like pirates makes us laugh for some strange reason
  • Take time to read to one another
  • Watching Fox News and talking about how Conservatism is the best governing philosophy for our Country unites us
  • Listening to talk radio together is a fun way to learn and debate the current issues affecting our country and world
  • Take short, but meaningful overnight or day trips often.  Nice drives are memory building.
  • Being her husband isn't just a choice. Its a vocation. It has eternal ramifications. Its nothing short of a gift from God, and I actually understand that and appreciate it and I am very, very grateful.
Not bad for the first year! I think that Renee would agree too!


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