The Red Light Test

Food for thought.....................

Here is the scene:  It is 2 o' clock in the morning and you are driving alone.  You are tired and you are coming home from a friend's house.  You approach this intersection in the middle of nowhere, when you are stopped by a red light.  There is no one there: no cops, no cars, no pedestrians.  It is just you, yourself, and your conscience.  So what do you do?  Do you wait until the light turns green?  Or do you just pass this light and continue on your way, knowing that you probably will never be caught?

Here are some other similar situations:

  • Your boss never shows up before you. You are expected to be there at 8am each day. Do you come in 5 or 10 minutes late, or do you still come on time even if you know for sure that you will never be caught?
  • Nobody will ever know.  The supply closet at the office houses hundreds of pens. Do you take one for home?
  • Your husband has specifically requested that you not throw away anything of his unless he knows - So he's at work and you are cleaning your house and you see that your husband has 10 of the same things. Do you throw some of them away or do you respect his wishes and ask him first?
  • If you a part of law enforcement do you pass all of the red lights and do not follow the traffic rules even if you don't have any pressing emergency?
  • In the middle of an exam ( in a subject which you are having great difficulty) the professor leaves, do you use this opportunity to look at your neighbors paper?
  • Your friend has left you in charge of feeding his fish.  You forget to feed them for one day, do you tell your friend that you forgot or do you just not tell him?
  •  You have a company credit card.  You're at Staples.  There is a 4$ pack of magnets that you could use for your fridge at home.  It's just 4 bucks.  They're on sale, half price.  Do you buy them?
  • Your friend has horrible taste in clothes and asks "whadda ya think?" of their hideous new jacket?  They are normally very sensitive and react poorly to any whiff of criticism. Do you tell the easy white lie or be charitable and tell the truth?
  • Its a little harmless flirting.  She is drop dead gorgeous and sweet as candy.  Your wife is the love of your life and there is no way this would lead to anything.  Do you hang out at the coffee counter at Starbucks shootin' the breeze a few extra minutes? or do you say....."whoa.....dangerous"?

Remember:    Character is determined by who you are and what you do when nobody is looking.


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