11.21.10 One Year Later

Last Sunday Renee and I had the sublime privilege of celebrating our first wedding anniversary. Wow I can't believe it, it has been a great year, the best year of my life.  Just a year ago we became one flesh in the Lord, forming a mystical, physical bond which transcended all earthly meaning.  A year ago I married the woman of my dreams,  my soul mate, my best friend, the greatest gift from God.  Here were some of the highlights of this awesome milestone:

  • We began our day very early at 2 AM exact and we spent our usual holy hour thanking the Lord for bringing us together at the Adoration Chapel.  This was the most important step for us, last year right after we got married we went to the chapel fully attired in our bride and groom wear.
  • After sleeping in a little we opened our presents.  Renee gave me as a gift Decision Points the latest book written by former president George W. Bush and a beautiful card.  ( I love the fact that my wife is conservative)  I bought her some flowers, ( she loved them) and I wrote her a letter reflecting upon the beauties of our union.
  • We then went to brunch at  Mcloones Rum Runner the same place in which we had our reception.  The food was supposedly great, but it didn't make any difference to me since I had a bad cold which deprived me of the sense of taste and smell.    The sun glistening on the Shrewsbury river and the boats passing right by our floor to ceiling window seat was really special.
  • We then took a little drive to the scenic Atlantic Highlands and we took in some of the sweeping water views of Sandy hook bay, Sandy hook, the Atlantic ocean, and NYC.
  • We then went to mass.  The most memorable part of the mass came during Holy Communion when What Wondrous Love is This was played on the piano as a prelude to Communion.  This hymn was very special to us since it was the same hymn that was used for our Responsorial Psalm at our nuptial mass. Renee said that was no coincidence; that was a little God kiss.
  • After that we went to our brother's home where we spent some time with family.  The highlight of the night came when our 2 year old niece Elena, uttered "Happy Birthaversary" very flippin cute.
  • We ended the night together watching some of our favorite TV shows. (Billy the exterminator and American Pickers) 
  • Then we.......................................... well........................c'mon......it was our first anniversary!
In my next post I will highlight several of the life lessons that I have learned in my first year as husband


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