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Election Day: True Change is approaching NJ's 6th Congressional District

After nearly 2 years of the failed policies of Obama/Reid/Pelosi we have an excellent opportunity tomorrow for true change.  In the center of this pivotal election is the 6th Congressional District in New Jersey. (To view a map of this district click here.) This district is traditionally very liberal. This is the same district that voted overwhelmingly for Obama is 08'  This district is represented by 11 term incumbent, congressman, Frank Pallone.  Pallone is a typical, Pelosi/ Reid liberal.  He voted to support Obama care, cap and trade, and the raising of taxes. But more importantly for Catholics he is a unflinching supporter of Abortion legislature with a 100 percent NARAL rating.  The choice is clear we need to get rid of Frank Pallone.  Tomorrow night we have that opportunity; the candidate for this change is Anna Little.  Here are 10 reasons that I compiled why one should vote for Anna Little:

1) She will vow to cut taxes and to curb out of control government spending.

2) As a faithful, Catholic mother of three she is a staunch defender of life.

3) She is fully endorsed by the tea party, and is dedicated to bringing back authentic constitutional values back to Washington.

4) Despite overwhelming obstacles she is able to pull off impressive upsets. In the primaries she was able to defeat Diane Gooch who outspent her by a margin of 20 to 1 (For more information click here.)  In her current bid against incumbent Frank Pallone she is once again out spent by a significant margin.  ( Pallone 2.2 million, Little, 350,000.)

5)She supports repealing Obama care

6) She believes in a robust, immigration policy, and of strengthening the border.  (Little is an immigration lawyer with vast experience in this area)

7) She is a lifelong resident of Monmouth county, and understands the issues that affect this district.  Her private law practice is in the Highlands.

8) She is the current mayor of the Highlands.  ( I live here)

9) She is a devout Catholic and sings regularly in the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Choir.

10) She is fluent in Spanish, French, and possesses a working knowledge of Russian, and Japanese.

The Polls are showing that the race is tightening and Little is well within the margin of error.  This race in many ways is a barometer of how the Republicans will fare tomorrow.  If Little is able to pull off this stunning upset then the republicans can win up to 100 seats, if she loses by a close margin the Republicans can win up to 70 seats. So turnout is critical in this election.  (For more articles about these trends click here and here)

For more information go to Anna Little for Congress.   I am calling for the entire 6th congressional district to vote for Anna Little, we have a golden opportunity here for true change!


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