Hold On!: The Truth about Pope Benedict's Statement about Condoms Pt.II

I published a post yesterday explaining the Pope's statement about condoms.  (To read my post click here.)  Since publishing the post yesterday I have come across a number of other, well written articles that I feel could be of good use.   Here are the links to the 6 articles accompanied with a brief summary:

  1. This article was from Fr. Barron's awesome blog, Word on Fire.  This article titled, Media: The "C" word was written by Father Steve Grunow. 
  2. This article was written by Cardinal Raymond Burke.  It is a well written and cogent response.
  3. This is the New York Times article from the interview with New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan. This article is interesting in that it does not only speak about the Pope controversy, it also introduces this great archbishop to the world.  A definite must read.
  4. This article is written by Charles Chaput former Archbishop of Denver.  This article explains effectively the entire context of the pope's upcoming book, Light of The World.
  5. This article was written by First Things contributor Jeremy Pierce.  It is a through and well written article about the philosophical reasoning of the Pope's statement.  As an added bonus the article also lists the different titles that the news agencies gave in wake of the Pope's comments.
  6. This article came from the authors of The Creative Minority Report.  This is a well written and short article about two dueling Jesuits and their interpretations of the Pope's comments.  The best part of the entire article is Father Joseph Fessio's defense of the Pope's statements.


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