Finding Perfection through Imperfection (More Quotes)

In my last post, Finding Perfection through Imperfection I spoke about how our weaknesses can lead us to spiritual perfection provided that we use them to draw closer to God.  Since there were so many great quotes from St. Francis de Sales which I couldn't fit in one post I decided to list some of them in this post.

"Why do birds and animals remain entrapped in their nets? Because they flounder about in an unorganized way.  If we fall into the net of our imperfections, we will not escape from them if we get flustered. We will, on the contrary, entangle ourselves even more."
" is, on the other hand, not necessary to inflict anguish on oneself, but rather to accept a punishment that encourages, that calms, and gives rise to a serene and firm resolve to correct oneself."
" Weakness is not a great evil, and there is great value in raising oneself little by little."
" But these imperfections must not astonish us, nor discourage us. We should draw from them the virtues of submission, humility, and mistrust of ourselves, but not discouragement or affliction of heart, much less doubt the love of God for us. God does not love our imperfections and venial sins, but he loves us despite them."
 "If sin has made man guilty, then confession and contrition make him infinitely more honorable."
 "The Lord looks less at the faults than at the advantages we draw from them, provided we use them to humble ourselves before him and make ourselves small and gentle."
 "This little virtue of loving our shortcomings and misery, you see, should always be close to our heart. For we need it all the time, however advanced we are on the path of virtue; our sinful passions show up despite our closeness to God, and our great spiritual progress."



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