Let Go & Let God

“Let go and let God.”

I’ve heard this phrase a thousand times before.   What does it really mean to let go and let God?  How does one do this without losing their entire self in the process?

I admit that in our ego saturated society this can seem tyrannical.  “I am in control” is the mantra of our age.  But this stubborn clinging to self is the cause of much evil and heartache in the world.

Who is the freest person on earth?  The person who gives up trying to control their own life and the lives of others.

Nature is bound by laws. Humans, being part of nature- need to be bound by something also.  Just imagine if the sun told the universe, “I won’t rise today.” The results of this defiance would be catastrophic.  The sun rises everyday because it is bound by law to do so.  The same is true of the moral law.  Just because the rules of morality aren’t as obvious as nature’s rules doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. 

Letting go and letting God is the foundation for a spiritual and moral life.

I am not advocating rigid puppet hood simply saying “yes” to a more powerful force.  The great thing about being human is that unlike animals we have self awareness.  We have been given the awesome gift of being able to make decisions based on this self awareness.

The good news about letting go is that one gains a greater freedom. There is freedom in not having to control the outcome of every family event, nor dictate every decision your nutty brother in law makes.  Do we really have to cut off that driver that just cut us off…..just to make a point? 

Ask yourself, “Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?”  Both obviously, but since that’s not always possible, try taking a day off from running the universe.


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