Time to Ditch The Cable

Something great and unexpected has happened this past month…   

As most of you know our home was devastated by hurricane Sandy.  Subsequently, we have been forced to live in temporary housing.  

In our temporary apartment we have no cable, just the basic channels. (But God does have a sense of humor since we do have EWTN.) 

At first it was kind of strange not having ESPN, the History Channel, HGTV, or the cooking network, but as my wife and I struggled through our cable detox, something wonderful began to happen.   Suddenly we began having more time to do the things that were more efficacious.  We began to discover the beauties of a TV- less world. 

Almost immediately we began praying more.  Instead of watching my ESPN highlights we started praying the Rosary together instead.  I have also been able to dedicate more time to reading and studying.  I even picked up the guitar again. (and by picked up I literally mean dug out the guitar from the storm salvaged stuff in the storage unit.)

This dearth of TV has allowed me to reconnect with my wife in a way that I hadn’t in a long time.  Part of the way in which my wife and I fell in love was through singing and playing and composing music together, and now suddenly we are doing that again.

It has been said that “God sometimes does for us what we cant do for ourselves.”  In our case not having cable was God’s way of severing our  attachment to it.  Now that we have more time, and more silence we can love a little more, make music a little more, pray a little more and learn a little more. 


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