Top Ten Crappiest Christmas Carols #1!!!

After three weeks of torturing you all with my selections for the Crappiest Christmas Carols we have finally reached the end of our journey.  This final song was the inspiration for creating this ignominious list in the first place. This song was also written by one of my favorite artists who for some bizarre, unknown reason decided to pen arguably one of the worst Christmas Carols ever.  This song is so bad that it is nearly on everyone's top ten worst Christmas song list.

So without further delay I bring to you, Crappy Christmas Carol #1!...

"Wonderful Christmas Time" Time-Paul McCartney

This song has all the ingredients for a horrendous song; from the never ending repetitive loop of a Moog synthesizer, to its banal lyrics, to its heroin addictive, melody.  Once this song gets in your head it simply never gets out.  On the positive side Paul McCartney has written some of the greatest pop masterpieces, which should offset any damage to his legacy that might have been caused by this song.  Still it is an atrocious song that should never be played again, period.  For all of these reasons and more this song is this year's Crappiest Christmas Carol!


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