The Top Ten Crappiest Christmas Carols #7

In my previous 3 entries I introduced you to the terrors of Dr. Demento, Wham, and Chicago. In this post I will introduce to you yet another crappy Christmas Carol that is sure to cause much mental distress.

Consider yourself forewarned, Crappy Christmas Carol #7!

Same Old Lang Syne- Dan Fogelberg

Right from the opening lines of, "Met my old lover at the grocery store" this song begins its merciless 5 and a half minute assault on the listener. This song has all the ingredients for a dreadful song; crappy lyrics, such as "I stole behind her in the frozen foods", (Creepy) and "She went to hug me and spilled her purse."(Ah!) a nauseating melody that is addictive as heroin, and to make matters worse a Kenny G esque clarinet solo for an ending. Only in a song can a person go from the frozen foods section to the backseat of a car.

Stay tuned for Crappy Christmas Carol #6 in another post


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