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The Dignity of Wearing Brown

For the past two weeks I have had the awesome privilege working for "brown";  "brown" of course being UPS.  During these two weeks I have learned firsthand about the dignity of work, how work is a ennobling endeavor, a platform for holiness, and a natural antidote to depression.  What makes this so great is the fact that I was not even supposed to get this job, the way it all came about was totally providential and it warrants a brief explanation... 

About 2 months ago while I was in the midst of my frustrating job search I decided to contact UPS for employment as a seasonal driver helper. I knew that the pay would be ridiculously low but I also knew that UPS was a reputable company and that this could portend good things for the future.  Soon after I was contacted scheduled for an interview.  At the interview I did well, and UPS told me that they would contact me back soon.  However,I did not receive a response for about two weeks. During this frustrating waiting period I came across another opportunity through a relative to work with a environmentally safe cleaning company. Literally as I was being interviewed by the cleaning company UPS called me.  I had a dilemma, I had to choose between two good opportunities. It was so ironic I went from nobody wanting me to three companies wanting me! (Macy's too)I ended up choosing the cleaning company since I felt that I developed a rapport with the owner and philosophically my ideals seemed to match with those of the company.  I called UPS telling them that I declined their offers to work there.

Three weeks in, while I was working for the cleaning company, they fell upon hard times and they decided to let me go.  I was devastated, it was very discouraging, here I was right before the holiday season unemployed again, at a time where we really needed some cash.  I was perplexed, it just did not make any sense  I  questioned God, but despite my sadness I tried to maintain my faith that God would eventually take care of my wife and I.  Even if I did not agree or understand His tactics, I knew that He would eventually guide me down the right path.

So to make some money, I decided to take on various odd jobs mostly as a day laborer. One day as I was driving home I got a call from UPS.  They asked me if I was interested in working for the month of December. I couldn't believe it, I never expected it.  I thought since it was in the middle of the holiday rush that all of the driver helper positions were filled.  I immediately seized the opportunity and I went for my second interview and orientation. I was scheduled to work that following Friday and I met my driver for the first time.

We hit it off right away, there was a rapport,  and a natural chemistry.  We both even shared a common passion for soccer.  He also liked me and told me that he would request to have me as his helper for the entire season.  I was overjoyed, I felt so grateful to be working with him.  You see before meeting him I was nervous about who my driver would be.  I had heard horror stories of drivers not treating their helpers well.  However, this was not the case for me, he promised me that he would take care of me. Two days later I received the call that I have been waiting for, we were locked together for the whole season!(okay so the season is only three weeks but who cares)

As for the job I love it!  I am always on the road meeting new and interesting people, I am constantly moving giving my body much needed exercise, I am also not confined to a cubicle and I am never bored.  Never before in my life I have actually enjoyed going to work.  Now I am happy, confident, proud of wearing my "brown" uniform. I have a certain swagger to my step,  as I wear a grin that is wide as the Grand Canyon.  In this short span of two weeks I have become a new man,  my sad moods are nearly non existent, I have more energy, I have a purpose now, I am bringing home the bacon, I am useful, I have a new found dignity, the dignity of wearing brown!


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