What to Do When Holy Week Doesn't Feel Holy

Today is Tuesday of Holy Week.  Honestly it feels like any other Tuesday.  It doesn't feel any holier then the previous Tuesdays of the year.  I guess I feel this way because I haven't been partaking at mass regularly. My job simply doesn't allow me the opportunity to attend mass regularly. As a practicing Catholic christian I can't help regretting this especially during Holy Week.  This past Palm Sunday I was not able to attend mass.  I felt bad because Holy Week is my favorite time of year. I am also scheduled this week to work Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the entire triduum. 

So why should anyone care who is reading this?

I am not writing to gain sympathy or pity.  I am not even writing this to sound mildly entertaining because spirituality isn't really that entertaining most of the time.  The reason I am writing this is to indicate that my relationship with the Lord is a deeply personal one.  I remember years ago when I wasn't into my faith how evangelicals would ask, "Do you have a relationship with the Lord?"  I would usually shirk my shoulders, roll my eyes and walk away.  But years after I realize that there is truth to that statement: a personal relationship with the Lord. 

My relationship with the Lord is just like any other relationship.  It has its ups and downs, it has its Triduum. 
heartbreaks and its elation.  Over the past year, especially during my personal struggles I have developed a poignant, personal relationship the Lord.  This relationship isn't confined just to pious practices such as mass, and structured prayers. (Even though those practices are important.) It is very real.  There is a dialogue. He speaks to me, I speak to him. With that being said it still doesn't take away from the fact that I miss the beauty and solemnity of the Easter

One of the beautiful things about being Catholic is that our faith is a sensual one.  There are smells, sights, and sounds all designed to get us into that place of worship where we become one with Christ.  I am artistic by nature so I am drawn naturally to the beauty of Holy Week services.   In spite of my limitations I believe there is a way to make this holy week special.  I hope that any of you who are also struggling can find some use from my suggestions.

Suggestion 1.  Make the most of the time that you have.   It is true that time is very limited but still that doesn't mean that you can't take a moment here or there to do some pious practice such as the rosary, adoration, or liturgy of the hours. (My favorites.)

Suggestion 2.  Try to do at least 15 minutes daily of mental prayer.  There is no set way of doing this.  The best way I feel to do this is just sitting in silence and listening with your heart.

Suggestion 3. Watch scenes from Jesus of Nazareth or the Passion.  These two films I believe are the best in capturing the life and sufferings of Jesus.

Suggestion 4.  Take some time to vocalize some personal prayer, especially during work.  Some examples of this are:  "Jesus I trust in you",  "Jesus forgive me" etc.

Suggestion 5.  Offer up any situation at work for someone that you love or for the atonement of your sins.

I believe that if you do this you can still have a very holy, holy week and a jubilant Easter.


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