Renee Rewards: Reason 42

I love my wife Renee because she is my editor in chief.  For example last evening I had great difficulties writing my post,  The Loser's Limp Pt. II.  No matter how hard I tried I could not simply find the correct words, phrases, or sentences.  The more I wrote the more frustrated I got.  Part of this was attributed to the fact that I am a morning writer and I generally don't do well later in the day. Through her wise tutelage and simple suggestions I was able to get over my writer's block allowing me to complete the post.

She is the secret of my writing success.  Every time I need an honest critic, a new word, a captivating title, or a mental jump start she is always there rescuing me, from my creative dry spells .  Without her my posts would be quite lame and unfinished indeed!


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