Father Albert Turncoat vs. Ann Coulter

I discovered this clip of Ann Coulter debating former Catholic Priest (now Episcoplian) Fr. Albert Cutie about the negative effects of raising children as a single mother.

Several points:

  • Ann Coulter was not stating an opinion but rather the facts.  Her opinion was based on credible research.You might hate her style or opinion, but that doesn't change the fact that she is correct.
  • Ann Coulter was correct to challenge Fr. Albert's assertion that single mother hood was OK as a choice.  Given a choice - would any of these single mothers in the audience actually choose to become single mothers?
  • It is very important to note that I am not attacking single motherhood.  If circumstances dictate that a woman becomes a single mother, obviously I would want the best for her and for her child/ren. In fact, I was essentially raised by a single mother as my father was not present in the home from the point I became a teenager.  What I am against is the feminist notion that if given a choice a mother would rather choose to raise a child herself. Ok maybe there are a handful of self proclaimed herculean superhero women that this appeals to, but clearly - most women would choose to do this with a husband.
  • Sadly, Ann Coulter in her typical provocative fashion seemed to exascerbate the situation by not outrighlty answering his bizarre charge that she was anti-single moms. She could have said "of course not -  there are many unfortunate conditions that could cause a mom to be a single mom" but she didnt say that.  She allowed that audience to beleive that she may actually be against them.  (This unnecessary inflammatory style is the reason why I am not an unwavering Coulter fan) 
  • The audience's Jerry Springeresque reactions proved how Fr. Albert was not concerned with a true debate on the devastating social implications of single mother households.  By allowing these women to respond that way he was acting more like a Springer than a man of the collar.  The crowd, by acting in a lynchmob fashion indirectly proved Coulter's main point in her latest work, Demonic.
  • Personally I have a serious beef with Fr. Albert Cutie as he has repeatedly demonized the catholic priesthood  because he could not live up to the high standards himself.   I would like to ask a simple question to Fr. Albert?  What about the thousands of priests who are in fact able to live out their vow of celibacy? 
  • Interestingly about a month ago a producer from Fr. Albert's show contacted Spirit & Truth (of which I am the co coordinator) to see if we would be interested in being on the show.  After much prayer and counsel we decided against it.  Now looking at this clip I know without a doubt that we made the right choice.
Shame on you Father Albert.  I'm glad that your watered down value system and liberal leaning views no longer represents the Catholic church.  Stop pretending that you are anything besides a white Wendy Williams in a collar. (just shorter)


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