Marco Rubio for President

That's right I said it, Marco Rubio for president. (I am not just saying this because he shares my first name.)  I might be fantasizing, and 2016 looks more realistic, but how I wish this guy was running today.  Just take a look how he masterfully articulates conservative principles regarding the debt ceiling debate on this past Sunday's Face The Nation.

We definitely need more conservatives like this guy in Washington.


  1. I totally agree with you! He is my new hopeful candidate.

  2. Have been watching him since he was Speaker in the Florida House. Will be more than disappointed if the GOP overlooks him in 2012.

  3. I wish to work on a campaign for Marco Rubio, the only one I've seen so far that holds tough and has the guts to put America first!

  4. I hate to burst your bubble but Marco Rubio can NEVER become president (or Vice President). He's not a natural-born citizen under the U.S. Constitution. BOTH of his parents were Cuban citizens at the time of his birth. If our constitution still means anything, then people will stop this Rubio for President stuff. I love the guy, but he can't be President.

  5. Really? If he runs for president and they vote for him how is then disqualified by your argument? Someone, during his innaguaration acts for proof and he then is disqualified? Do the constitutional police come by his home and lock him up? Not sure how this happens? I think you are dreaming unless someone takes him to court and challenges and if the court rule that it is unconstitutional then it is. Do you think that will happen?

  6. Rubio should never get to the point of running for President or Vice President. As a statesman (country before individual ego), he should voluntarily take himself out of consideration due to the constitutional issues raised. If he decides to run, then, yes, there should be a court challenge. The constitution has to stand for something. We are a nation of laws. Read article II of the constitution. It plainly says that "No person except a NATURAL BORN citizen" shall serve as President. Rubio is not a natural born citizen having had two parents who were not American citizens at the time of his birth. It doesn't make a bit of difference WHERE he was born. It's WHO he was born to.

    Because of the above, Bobby Jindal can never be President either.

    I love Rubio. I contributed $150 to his Senate campaign. But again...our Constitution HAS to stand for something.


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