The Loser's Limp

This morning I read something very worthwhile it is called, The Loser's Limp and it goes something like this: (For those of you who don't understand football I will try my best to keep the terms as simple as possible.)  Imagine the scene...A punter kicks the ball high into the air.  The opposing receiver catches the ball and begins his pursuit toward the defender's end zone.  As this receiver is making his moves he passes all the different defenders trying to tackle him.  Once he gets through all of these defenders he has one more defender left until he reaches the end zone and scores a touchdown.  The nervous defender tries his best to catch the receiver but realizes soon that there is no chance as the receiver crosses quickly past the 40, 35, 30, 25, yard lines.  Once the receiver reaches the 20 yard line he already is on his way to scoring a touchdown and the defender has no chance of catching him.  The defender realizing this all of a sudden grabs his right thigh to indicate that he has pulled his muscle.   As he limps once, twice, three times he can hear the collective voices of the crowd sympathizing,  "Oh, poor thing he must have pulled his muscle that's why he couldn't catch the receiver." 

How many times in your life have you done what this defender did?  Faking an injury, or sickness just to escape the difficult situation?  How many times have you purposely lowered your expectations just to justify yourself when you couldn't meet them in the first place?  How many times have you succumbed to an attitude of defeat, grabbing your thigh just like the defender did?  How many times have you preferred the voice of sympathy over the voice of truth and accountability? Are you a quitter? or are you a person who gets up again and again?

Take time to ask yourself these questions.  Stay tuned I will write more about this in another post.


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