The Loser's Limp Pt. II

"Fear and Courage are brothers."  Proverbs

In yesterday's post I briefly described the phenomena of the The Loser's Limp 

M. Scott Peck once said in The Road Less Travelled, "Life is difficult"  It is inevitable that sooner or later as a human being you will experience difficulty. Unfortunately I believe that the vast majority of our society is becoming more and more soft, adopting subconsciously the The Loser's Limp.  Think about it for a second...

Academia: It is routinely taught that there is no objective right or wrong. Pluralism, at the altar of diversity is the religion of academia.   So if there isn't any good and bad then why fight? if one does not develop a proper fighting spirit what makes you think that that person will be equipped to deal with the adversities of life?

Welfare:Our government routinely encourages one to develop a loser's limp. Just look at the entitlement programs that are out there.  Welfare which was originally designed to help people in need has instead become an incentive to stay poor by gaming the system. 

Political Correctness: We are all taught that we should be polite, and respectful to others.  While in theory I agree with this, but not to the levels that are the norm today.  We have become so overly concerned with not hurting another's feelings that we are desensitized to logic.  Think of the Ft. Hood massacre.   Everyone was afraid to admit that there were warning signs. 

Parenting:  What types of values are exactly being taught to out children?  Most parents are so obsessed with maintaining the child's self esteem that they fail to discipline them.  As long as little Johnny feels good about himself everything is alright with the world.  Not so!  The world will eat little Johnny alive even if he feels good about himself.

To put things in context I heard something on the radio that is worth mentioning.  The host spoke about how he noticed a pelican that was struggling in the bay. Then 4 or 5 seagulls swooped down and seemed to hit the pelican's beak.  It looked like the gulls were trying to take a fish out of the mouth of the pelican.  As the scene continued it got darker. It turns out that the pelican was hurt and the seagulls perceiving the pelican's weakness were actually trying to kill and eat her.  This was happening because the pelican wasn't strong.  The pelican had a loser's limp.

"Adversity introduces a man to himself." -Unknown


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