Marcello's Mischief: Snow Donuts

It was a frigid evening in January. The stars were out in bloom; it was such a clear night that one could see every constellation; Orion, Cepheus and Capella to name a few. I would even venture to say that one could even see the planets with the naked eye, that's how crystal the sky was. On the ground there were several inches of fresh snow decorated by a thin layer of ice on top. You can tell that the ice was new since you could see the reflection of the one lone light coming from the house. The night was bitter cold, so cold that each time one breathed, silhouettes of different shapes would come out. Marcello and I were leaving the house after our band practice.  We were supposed to get in the car and be on our way when...

As Marcello began driving the car he spotted a little rabbit hopping rabidly; violently hopping one time to the left, a split second later, to the right, a half second later, straight, and on and on.  Marcello, of course not being content on just ignoring the matter decided that we should chase the rabbit with the car, on our friend's property! You see this was possible since our friend had a huge front yard.  Reluctantly I went along. I wasn't excited about this but what else could I do?  It wasn't like I had much of a choice.  I could either stay in the comfortable warm car or freeze outside.  I choose the former.

We swerved in every direction, going in circles, in crooked lines, and in fish tales. We kept going round and round until the rabbit finally disappeared into the bushes. Being in that car kind of felt like the perverted winter version of the little tea cup ride without the corny carnival music. As we finally left the house we saw the result of our shenanigans as our friend's front yard had three crookedly shaped donuts on it.  I was worried, Marcello wasn't. He just said to say that some UFOs did this. I knew that our friend's cynical parents wouldn't buy into such an extravagant claim.  But since I was dead tired, nauseous, and annoyed I went along with lie.  Strangely enough though, till this very day neither our friend nor his parents know who created those 3 mysterious snow donuts that night.  Maybe it is time to come clean now; or maybe not. 


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