Family: The backbone of our society and economy

I came across this great post from The Crescat titled, Comparing the costs of families.  Here is a highlight:

"However if we look at the traditional model of family; the one the government, liberals and feminist work so tirelessly to destroy, you'll see it was made for this type of arrangement.

If the family structure is modeled with traditional household, you have a bread winner and a wife at home to readily care for children and aged adults. If that family doesn't practice the use of artificial birth control they will have multiple children. These children will, in turn, grow up and care for their parents and share the responsibility between the other siblings. If there are four children, each child can care for their parents 3 months out of the year. The cost and care (I will not use the word "burden') is shared. What a novel remarkably simple idea."

I would highly suggest reading the entire post.  (Click here to read post.)


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