4 Tips for starting your day the right way & other stuff

I stumbled upon this great post written by Jennifer Fulwiler, on her blog The Conversion Diary.  I would highly suggest to you all to check out her blog.  (To view her blog click here) The article is titled,  4 steps for starting your day the right way: (To view her post click here)

This post was a God sent to me.  I was dreading today since it is my longest day at my internship site. Compounding this is the fact that I will be evaluated in both of my sessions through videotape. I know that this type of evaluation is part of my extension; however, I still hate being evaluated.  It sort of feels like a never ending colonoscopy, a perpetual IRS audit.  I hate it because it makes me vulnerable, and weak in front of strangers.  I know that as a Christian I must be humbled, but this slow crucifixion is painful, and I daily scream out for a Simon to help me.  Simon...are you there?  (still no answer)

On a brighter note last night I heard a talk by Fr. Emmerich Vogt titled, Self Knowledge and Self Discipline.  The main point that stuck out to me was that no one can steal a person's peace.  Perfect Christian peace should not be at the mercy of external events, people's moods, circumstances.  He spoke about how peace is a choice, an act of the will, a choice that needs to be made daily through asking God for the strength to attain it. 

Armed with this knowledge I trudge through today. Clumsily I might add.


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