Blue Moon Paradise

Yesterday I had the sublime privilege of partaking in one of my favorite Summer pastimes, drinking beer.  After picking me up from prison my wife had the ingenious idea of going to the Office for half priced appetizers and beer.  As we looked at the menu right away I knew that I wanted a Blue Moon Belgian White as opposed to the wimpy watered down Budweiser, Coors light, or Miller light.  But being in a frugal mindset I decided that if I couldn't get my beloved Blue Moon then I would just get a soft drink or some chlorinated tap water.  I am an all or nothing type of guy I either get what I want or don't get it at all. I was dead set on getting my Blue Moon or nothing else.

As I was making peace with the fact that I would not get my Blue Moon, the waitress told us, much to my delight that Blue Moon was also half priced; costing just $3.00! I couldn't believe it. I was so excited, I ordered it instantly and what a treat it was.

As soon as I laid eyes on that towering glass I saw beauty personified. Simply put this beer had curves; from the velvety froth that decorated the top to the rapid flowing carbonation, to the golden straw color of the beer itself. This beer looked much like a Sport's Illustrated centerfold without the air brush. This beer was 100% au naturel as Creed would say from The Office.  (To view this hilarious clip click here.) To top things off I smeared the orange wedge around the glass to get that citrus lemon taste. Everything seemed right with the world.  All of my problems were drowned with each frothy sip that I would take.  At that moment I felt that I had made the best $3.00 investment in my life. (Except for wife's engagement ring. Just kidding.)

The most delightful part of this heavenly experience came while I was eating the Hot Wings.  Immediately after I finished devouring my chicken wing I took a sip. Boom!  What a taste explosion!  I had never experienced anything like this before!  All the spices of the Chicken Wings came to life!  It felt like my mouth was hosting a party.  I even taught that I heard Elvis performing, Blue Hawaii against my hard palate. It almost felt like an out of body experience. I was and I wasn't hallucinating. One minute I was hearing music while in the other minute I was hearing my wife, one minute I was angry about my internship, while in other I was happy just where I was. Regardless, it was an experience that I will not forget. How could I?  I fell under the allure of the Blue Moon Paradise.


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