Happy 200th Blog!

This is my 200th blog!  Wow I can't believe how quickly time passes! It has been an awesome and unforgettable journey.  I remember distinctly the origins of this blog. I was reading one evening Seth Godin's book Linchpin: Are you indispensable and it inspired and challenged me to start my own blog. This idea of writing a blog was nothing new to me, it was even suggested about 5 years ago by a relative. But like all things in life I kept putting it off waiting for the ideal time.  So finally this past April 14 I finally took the dive and I created The Marco Minute. I have learned much these past 5 months.  It is my hope and prayer that my blog has added some value in all of your lives. So in commemoration of this milestone I will be selecting 10 of my favorite blogs, enjoy!  (These blogs are selected from Blogs 101-199)

  1. The True Essence of Leadership
  2. Suffering: The simple choice that can change your life
  3. Human virtues defined
  4. Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Harmful or Benign
  5. The power of the Rosary: World War II Slovakia
  6. Playing Soccer can be deadly: Italy 90'
  7. Tanny Tammy
  8. 08.28.08-The Day that Changed my life forever
  9. Don't let your father in law...
  10. Consensus=Failure


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