10 reasons why someone should hire me

This post was created by me as a way of attracting the attention of future employers. The origins of this post came from my frustration of the job search process. As most of you well know I am recently completed my college education this past May. I have also been looking seriously for a job these past two months. I had submitted dozens of applications online, been on several interviews, made dozens of phones calls and I still have not been able to find employment. I am fed up of the traditional job search which goes something like this: 1)(Employer) Show me your resume, 2) (Employer) I might call you back, 3) (Employer again) I will choose you randomly out of a list of thousands of people with the same skills. This process simply does not work. I am fed up and I am trying something entirely different. It is my hope that this post gives me the opportunity to find employment on the basis of my unique talents and abilities.  I am calling on all my friends to keep spreading the word about me.  Thanks and God Bless.  Here are the 10 reasons why I believe that I should be hired:

1.       I am intelligent.  I have a cumulative 3.7 GPA, but besides this I possess other intellectual strengths and abilities.

2.       I am diligent and hardworking.  I take pride in what I do.  Work is a gift from God (Click here to find some awesome quotes on work) I strive to be the best at what I do.

3.       I am teachable: More importantly than striving to be the best, I do realize that there will be times when I will need the help of others.  Fortunately I am not afraid or too proud to ask for help , and I am willing to be taught by the experiences of others

4.       I am leadership material;  During these past three years I have had the blessing and unique opportunity to be a part of the leadership team of a young adult ministry.  Through this position I have learned first hand much about leadership skills such as, possessing a vision, creating and implementing protocols, navigating effectively through disagreements and conflicts, confronting members when necessary.

5.       I am ethically and morally driven: As a practicing Catholic Christian I realize that I am fully responsible for all of my actions. I strive daily to live a life of excellence in all areas.  (For further details about my values click here )

6.       I am funny.  I possess a great sense of humor.  I know how to make others laugh.

7.       I am great with people.  I feel very comfortable talking and engaging with people.  Being around people inspires me.  I also enjoy helping others out.

8.       I possess other unique, highly marketable abilities.  I am fluent in two other languages, (Slovak, Italian).  I am fluent with Microsoft office, using and navigating the Internet, utilizing different blogging software, Internet marketing, excellent writing and oral composition ability, creative, thinking outside of the box, musical. I am also a trained classical guitarist and a song writer.

9.       I am physically attractive. ( At least that’s what my wife says!)  I am an attractive man, I am tall, (nearly 6’ 4’) possessing dark features, etc. check out this pic tell me what do you think?

10.   I created this post. Think about it? If I am this creative and innovative in my job search just imagine how much value I can add to your company!  I value creative and original thought.


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