Pope Benedict in England Pt. II

In this post I will highlight pope Benedict's homily at Westminster Cathedral.   In this homily Pope Benedict once again expresses his profound regret about the sex abuse scandals that are rocking Europe as he stated:

"Here too I think of the immense suffering caused by the abuse of children, especially within the Church and by her ministers. Above all, I express my deep sorrow to the innocent victims of these unspeakable crimes, along with my hope that the power of Christ’s grace, his sacrifice of reconciliation, will bring deep healing and peace to their lives. I also acknowledge, with you, the shame and humiliation which all of us have suffered because of these sins; and I invite you to offer it to the Lord with trust that this chastisement will contribute to the healing of the victims, the purification of the Church and the renewal of her age-old commitment to the education and care of young people. I express my gratitude for the efforts being made to address this problem responsibly, and I ask all of you to show your concern for the victims and solidarity with your priests. "   September 18

I know that this statement might not heal the pain of the victims who were abused at the hands of priests. But at the very least this statement displays that the Pope is suffering in solidarity with the victims.  Sometimes the best and only thing a person can do when someone has suffered unspeakable suffering is to share in the suffering.  Pope Benedict in this statement I believe achieved this end. 


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