Burning Down the House: X-mas 06' Pt. II

After cheating death twice in same evening you would think that we had learned our lessons, but there was yet another surprise awaiting us...

Shortly after midnight we began opening our presents. After the gifts were given out to each person we all sat down and began eating the wonderful desserts that our mother had expertly prepared.  As we were eating our little cousin began to jump up and down, while motioning wildly.  But we simply ignored him, and continued forth in our conversations and gorging thinking that he was being his normal pestering self. But he kept on persisting, and gesticulating wildly until finally I saw in corner of my right eye...A foot high Flame!!

"Frosty's head is on fire!", "Frosty's head is on fire!"  my cousin yelled as the frosty the candle caught fire.  I quickly ran with water and I was able to successfully extinquish Frosty's burning head.  Unfortunately Frosty was not able to make it as he suffered third degree burns all over his head.

 Looking back it was so funny, and insane  seeing my cousin jump around like a banshee, seeing Frosty's head engulfed in flames, seeing my mother run around screaming, and my father stuck in his chair not being able to get out.  To most normal people after cheating death three times it would cause them to change their ways.  But no, not our family as a matter of a fact last year around Christmas time my brother once again....This strange tale will be continued in another blog...


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